Month: April 2019

15 Confessions: Goals Edition

Typically, I have no problem sharing my goals with the readers of See Jane Write. In fact, I often devote entire blog posts to detailing my goals for the month. Nonetheless, there are some goals I’ve kept to myself, worried you’d find them superficial, materialistic or vain.

But one of my favorite lifestyle posts to do is my 15 Confessions posts so this time I decided to confess 15 goals I’ve never shared before.


Member of the Month: GeNeise Fuller

As you probably know, See Jane Write is a community for women who write. But the Janes, as I like to call the ladies of my tribe, are women who wear many hats. Some of the women of See Jane Write are also teachers, entrepreneurs, and community activists. GeNeise Fuller is one of those women and that’s why she’s the April 2019 See Jane Write Member of the Month.

Just in time for National Poetry Month, GeNeise recently released her latest book — When Is It MY Time? A Poetic Courtroom Battle with God.

But GeNeise has also been busy teaching dance and advocating for children’s health. Read on to learn more about GeNeise’s writing and all of her important work.


Girl, Stop Procrastinating!

Last month I read Rachel Hollis’ new book Girl, Stop Apologizing and it has me ready to write a book of my own — Girl, Stop Procrastinating!

Girl, if you really want to be a writer you have to write! You can’t just think about writing. You can’t just talk about writing. You can’t just post quotes about writing on social media. YOU MUST WRITE.