On Wednesday, January 2 — the same day I published a blog post and an Instagram post on the importance of believing you can actually achieve your 2019 goals — I went to my church’s first Wednesday service and the preacher talked about the power of positive thinking. He discussed the power of positive speaking, too. We have to speak God’s Word over ourselves, over our lives, and over our situations, he said.

For me, this was confirmation that I needed to get serious once again about reciting (and sharing) daily affirmations, a practice I started last year but abandoned.

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So I took some of my favorite Bible verses and used them to write 10 affirmations for Christian women who write.

God is within me, I will not fall.  (inspired by Psalm 46:5)

I will not remain silent. I will raise my voice and share my gifts because I was created for such a time as this. (inspired by Esther 4:14) 

I am beautiful. I know this full well because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. (inspired by Psalm 139:14) 

I have been ordained by God to write my vision. (inspired by Habakkuk 2:2)

I have the strength to accomplish all the things I have been called to do. (inspired by Philippians 4:13) 

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All things work together for my good. I can’t lose. (inspired by Romans 8:28)

All of God’s promises to me will be fulfilled. (inspired by Luke 1:45)

I am free from imposter syndrome because my competence comes from God. (inspired by 2 Corinthians 3:5)

I take delight in the Lord and God will grant me the desires of my heart. (inspired by Psalm 37:4)

I live a life of abundance. I lack no good thing. (inspired by John 10:10 and Psalm 23:1)

What are some of your favorite affirmations?