I did it! I published a new blog post every day for 30 days and another successful #bloglikecrazy is in the books. So, what’s next?

I approached this year’s #bloglikecrazy challenge with one simple goal: to fall in love with blogging again. As I confessed in a post last month, I’d been so caught up in the business side of blogging that I’d lost my passion for it. So in November, I vowed to just blog for the pure love of the written word.

And it worked!

I am now head over heels in love with blogging again and very proud of the posts I published this month.

I wrote fun list posts like The #bloglikecrazy PlaylistCurrently and 30 Things I Love Right Now, and 5 Random Things About Me, and list posts that got kind of deep like my latest 15 Confessions.

I shared valuable information to my readers in posts like A Girl’s Guide to Freelancing

I was open and honest about dreams, disappointments, and depression in posts like On Writing and Mental Health and How to Change Your Life

I blogged about how my new workout regimen is helping my writing regimen.

In a two-part series, I wrote about my struggle to reconcile my feminism with my faith. And I wrote about my struggle to reconcile my feminist ideals with my fitness aspirations.

I always say that blogging should be about “people not pageviews” and this month I was practicing what I preach. Instead of worrying about keywords and SEO, I simply sought to make a connection with other women by writing authentic posts, including the ones I was initially afraid to share. And it worked. This month women have left comments on my blog posts and social media posts and sent me emails and text messages letting me know how much my words resonate with them and they’ve been sharing their own stories, too.

Best of all, I think I’ve also figured out how to hold on to the joy of blogging even after #bloglikecrazy is over and I have to balance blogging for fun with blogging for business.

If you, too, have been struggling with rediscovering the joy of blogging, I want to help. That’s why on Sunday, December 16 at 6 p.m. CT I’m hosting a free online workshop called #BlogLove, which is all about how to rekindle your love for blogging and how to balance blogging for passion with blogging for profit. Sign up here.