Month: November 2018

7 TED Talks for Feminist Writers

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We writers need to get in the habit of finding inspiration anywhere. And one of the many places I get inspiration is from TED Talks, particularly when I’m writing about topics from a feminist perspective. Here are 7 TED Talks I think all feminist writers should see.


3 Types of Goals Every Writer Should Have

After being burned out with blogging I’ve restored my passion for it with the #bloglikecrazy challenge. This month as I’ve worked to publish 30 posts in 30 days I’ve focused not on the business side of blogging but on simply having fun.

But let’s face facts: See Jane Write is a business and I can’t ignore that. So I’m going to have occasionally write strategic blog posts meant to build my business. I’m faced with a question I’ve wrestled with for years: How can we writers be both artists and entrepreneurs?

I think I’ve found the answer.


5 Random Things About Me

Another random thing to share: My husband loves this photo of me

Before we begin let me admit that I totally stole this idea from my BFF and See Jane Write Collective member Jacqui Jones. This month for #bloglikecrazy she started a weekly feature on her blog called the Friday Five for which she shares five random tidbits about things going on in her life right now. What a fun idea! So I stole it for today’s blog post because the words for the post I’d originally planned for today just won’t come out. So here we go…


Rediscovering the Joy of Blogging

It’s working. It’s really working!

Last month I confessed that I, the woman who’s always trying to get other women to blog, was fed up with blogging. When I first started blogging over a decade ago it was simply for the love of the written word. Then blogging became a business and each post had to be strategic or it was considered a waste of time. At first, I loved the business side of blogging. Then I started to loathe it.

In fact, I even thought about not hosting the #bloglikecrazy challenge this year. But then I had an idea. I decided that I would try to use the challenge to rekindle my love for blogging. And I would do so by taking these 30 days to not worry about writing strategic blog posts but to instead write posts that — whether fun or heartfelt — were authentic, transparent and true.

And it’s working!