Month: November 2018

How to Change Your Life

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God doesn’t speak to me — at least not in the way I’d prefer. According to the Bible (and Father Lantom on Daredevil), God speaks in whispers. But the world is too loud. I need that burning bush kind of communication.

Over the past couple of weeks, however, I’ve been getting little messages here, there and everywhere that I believe may be divine.


Iron Bowl Saturday 2018

This year’s Iron Bowl Saturday (the day legendary rivals Alabama and Auburn face each other on the football field) felt like my Thanksgiving do-over. I’ve been sick for most of this week, so sick that I had to stay home on Thanksgiving.  My husband and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving just the two of us, but I was sad I couldn’t spend time with the rest of my family.

Yesterday I vowed to stop being the sick and shut-in and return to life. I ran errands and even did some low impact exercising. Today I was able to host my annual Iron Bowl party with my cousin Tasha and I got to hang out with my mom, aunt, brother, and other cousins, too. I had too much fun (and too much food).

In addition to being sick, I’ve also been in a bit of a funk this week. But a tweet from author, blogger, and teacher Valencia Clay gave me the boost I needed. She wrote: “been crazy depressed this week. it’s some folks out here feeling as alone as I did … you ain’t alone, you’re actually in perfect company. Roll around in your funk for as long as you need, just know when you’re ready for it to be over, it’s over. Just say 3 words: I’m good now.”

I’ve rolled around in my funk. I’ve rolled around in my sickness. But guess what — I’m good now.

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A Recommitment to Daily Gratitude

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I woke up this morning ready to feel sorry for myself. I’ve been sick the past few days and instead of getting better I keep getting worse. Today I was too sick to have Thanksgiving dinner with my family and I was ready to throw a pity party for myself instead.

Fortunately, my husband crashed that pity party, put an end to it and turned the day into one of gratitude and celebration. He whipped up a little Thanksgiving meal for us and we enjoyed a delicious meal together in our dining room (which we never used). As I sat there eating I started to think about how blessed I am in sickness and in health.