Let’s talk about March Madness. No, not the March Madness that involves basketball and brackets. I’m talking about March Madness — See Jane Write style.

Each year I challenge the women of See Jane Write to make a commitment to do something every day in the month of March. This could be exercising every day, posting to Instagram every day, or even publishing a new blog post every day (if November’s #bloglikecrazy challenge isn’t enough for you!).

This year, I’m urging the See Jane Write community to return to their first love — writing. I am challenging myself and my readers to WRITE EVERY DAY. How much you write is up to you. You can write as little as one sentence in your journal or as much as one chapter for your current book project. But the goal is to write every day so that you develop a writing ritual, improve your writing skills, and learn how to be consistent and creative.

Between creating content for the See Jane Write blog and members Collective and completing stories for my freelance gigs, I write ALL THE TIME. But I rarely write for myself. So I’m challenging myself in March to write in my journal every day.

If you’re worried you’re going to run out of ideas, check out my 365 writing prompts and blog post ideas. Also, remember that good writers read good writing. So make time to read more this month, too. (Here are some of the books I want to read this year.) And if you want to blog more, but you’re not confident in your skills, try these 7 steps to a better blog post.  

If you’re accepting the challenge to write every day in March, let me know in the comments.