Many people in Birmingham know Marliceia Chavers as the talented makeup artist behind the beauty brand Marliceia Chavers Artistry. Others may know her as the soulful songstress who often shows off her vocal skills at local lounges. But now Marliceia is striving to make her mark in another arena — lifestyle blogging. Or perhaps I should say “lovestyle” blogging, which is what Marliceia calls her brand of blogging. On November 1, 2017, Marliceia launched Love Marliceia, which chronicles her self-love journey and strives to help readers embark on a self-love journey of their own.

Since launching her new blog, Marliceia has not only been posting and promoting consistently but has gotten the attention of other bloggers, too. She was recently featured on the site Girlfriend’s Budget, where she wrote about how self-love affects your money management.

For these and many other reasons, Marliceia is the See Jane Write Member of the Month for February.

Let’s learn more about her and her “lovestyle” blog.


What inspired you to start a blog about your self-love journey?

When I initially joined See Jane Write, I knew I was meant to write and blog, but I had no idea about what. I tried beauty blogging, but that wasn’t my passion. Last year, I hit a pit in my life that I could not seem to dig myself out of. I had a one-on-one with fellow Jane Salaam Green, which really helped me put my life in perspective. God had been trying to get me a message, but I wasn’t listening. Then one day God said, “Marliceia, you don’t love yourself the way that you should. It’s time to take a self-love journey”. I didn’t really know what that meant at first and sometimes I’m still a little confused. Those two occurrences sparked me to write about the journey of self-love. I then spoke with you about it in a coaching session and, Voila! You named the blog for me. Love Marliceia was born. Once the name happened everything began to fall into place. My purpose for the blog became clear. I would be the curator and creator of Lovestyle Blogging. This would allow me no only to have an outlet, but it would set into motion my purpose for helping others, specifically women, heal and create their best life.

For those unfamiliar with your blog, what kind of content can readers expect?

The Love Marliceia readers a.k.a. “lovies” can expect posts that speak to loving yourself by creating your best life. These posts cover everything from love and life to fashion and beauty. I wanted to make posts that spoke to the whole of a person and not just bits and pieces. To do that, I had to bring my entire life under the microscope and all that it is encompassed in it. Therefore, there are 6 categories with varying topics that my blog speaks to. These topics also include business & entrepreneurship, poetry & music, spirituality & inspiration, and travel & adventures. Basically, my goal is to touch people on a mental, social, financial, physical, spiritual, and emotional level. After all, you can’t create your best life if you don’t evolve in every arena of your life. Now this evolution will not happen simultaneously, but that is why it is a self-love journey that my lovies are taking, not a destination they are trying to reach.

Have you noticed any changes in your life or accomplished any personal, professional or creative goals since starting your blog and self- love journey?

Oh my goodness, have I? Yes, indeed! I have rediscovered my purpose in life by taking this journey. My writing to heal and heal others and that is such a rewarding thing. Blogging on a personal level has produced the desire for taking on a professional role of helping women with their personal self-love journey. I am currently pursuing motivational speaking and am looking into becoming a self-love coach for others. I will also be launching a few inspirational and creative products for the brand this year. I’m sure God has so much more in store. I am truly grateful that I have been led to my purpose of empowering, inspiring, and healing women around the world in efforts to help them create their best life. I am truly amazed at where this journey is taking me and I cannot wait to see what is to come. It is a joy!

You launched your blog on November 1 just in time for the annual See Jane Write #bloglikecrazy challenge and you did successfully publish a new blog post every day for 30 days. What are your tips for staying consistent with blogging while juggling a day job and a business?

The #bloglikecrazy challenge was amazing. I learned so much in that month. My tips for blogging like crazy would be to first set the goal of finishing your month successfully in your mind because that is truly where one fails or succeeds before any actions are taken. I would then say map out your game plan. Develop your topics and dedicated writing schedule. Next, implement the plan by sticking to your schedule. Stockpile blogs on days when you have hours to dedicate to writing because it will serve you well. Life is not a straight line. We zig zag through it every day, but with preparation you will be equipped for those days you need to just post and go. Lastly, keep it simple, hunny! Every post does not have to be a dissertation. Some posts need to be quick, light, and, airy. I’ve found that people don’t like to get deep all the time. This will save you time and keep them plugged in.

How did your feature on Girlfriends’ Budget come about?

Once I launched my blog, at about a week in, I started to join other blogging groups. I joined a group called Black Girl Bloggers and Elle, the creator of Girlfriend’s Budget solicited for guest bloggers. Although new to blogging, I thought I would apply and lo and behold she emailed me back and stated she would love for me to do a post. The rest is history! Now, I can add that to my resume and I will be applying to be a guest blogger for more publications and blogs. One victory delivers our next, so stay tuned for more guest posts, features, and hopefully a publication gig!

What do you love most about being a member of the See Jane Write Collective?

I love, love, love the camaraderie and the nurturing environment. The See Jane Write Collective is not just an average group where everyone link drops. It is a sisterhood of women who write that encourage and propel one another to the next level. It allows us to learn and connect with one another in so many ways. I found my blogging buddy Jasmine in the See Jane Write Collective and it has been one of the best things that has happened to me since being with this awe-inspiring group of women. From the virtual coaching sessions to the in-person development sessions we are treated like royalty. Our fearless leader treasures us and takes the time to curate the content to ensure our needs are being met. Honestly, out of all the groups I am involved in, this one is nearest and dearest to my heart. We are a tribe indeed.

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