Dear Javacia,

As you turn 37 today I want you to enter this new year with this reminder: You are enough.

You are enough because you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Your worth is not determined by your blog, your business, your byline or even the work you do in your classroom. You are enough.

Your worth is not determined by the number of miles you run or the number of pounds you lose. You are enough.

Your worth is not determined by the things you have or even the things you have done. Your worth is determined by who you are and you are enough.

So go on and celebrate another year on this crazy, beautiful earth. Go on and make your 37 for 37 list. Go on and go after your goals.

But, as you chase your dreams, do not forget that you are enough.


37 for 37: 37 Things I Want to Do While I’m 37

  1. Go see Black Panther!
  2. Speak at TEDxBirmingham
  3. Redesign
  4. Redesign
  5. Revive (or finally decide to let it go).
  6. Run my third half-marathon.
  7. Reach my happy weight.
  8. Have another photo shoot.
  9. Go to Wrestlemania.
  10. Attend Black Writers Weekend.
  11. Self-publish a book.
  12. Rent coworking space at Forge for the summer.
  13. Take a girls’ trip with some of my best friends.
  14. Attend a Create & Cultivate conference.
  15. Write for 10 of my favorite websites.
  16. Write for 3 of my favorite magazines.
  17. Go to a music festival.
  18. Get a new passport.
  19. Buy an expensive handbag.
  20. Host a fabulous brunch event.
  21. Buy curtains for my office.
  22. Redecorate my bedroom.
  23. Lead a church small group again.
  24. Speak at a blogging conference again.
  25. Get a mentor.
  26. Be a mentor.
  27. Revamp my teacher wardrobe.
  28. Organize a reading featuring the women of See Jane Write.
  29. Reach 10,000 followers on one of my Instagram accounts.
  30. Work on a campaign with one of my favorite brands.  
  31. Get one of my Twitter accounts verified.
  32. Decide what I want to do in the next season of my life.
  33. Run 1200 miles in 2018.
  34. Read 18 books in 2018.
  35. Take up a new hobby.
  36. Do a Daniel’s Fast in January 2019.
  37. Take a 21 day fast from social media.