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Like so many of us once did, Jasmine T. Duff thought she’d have her life totally “together” by age 25. And though she had the degree, the job, and the husband, she found herself plagued with anxiety.

“I had done everything Millennial Southern Belle was supposed to do but it still felt like I was missing the mark,” Jasmine says. “Everything wasn’t clicking like they said it would if you got good grades, read your bible, and went to networking events.”

So she started a blog.

“I decided to take matters into my own hands and pursue my God-given talent,” she says. “I blog about faith, family, feelings, and finances; all the areas of life I strive to do better in.”

She calls her blog Season26.

“I named my blog Season26 because it represents the moment that I let go of that dream and decided to focus on being better,” says Jasmine, now 27. “Better has no end point while we tend to see ‘together’ as a destination, which sets itself up as a feat we can never truly achieve.”

Lately, Jasmine has been working diligently to build her blog and a community around it by hosting in-person and virtual events and maintaining an active Facebook group. This is why she is the January See Jane Write Member of the Month.

Tell us about your Facebook group. What was the inspiration behind the group and what do you hope members will get out of it?

My Facebook group is called the Queendom because I want to inspire women to live their life confidently. The Word says we are a royal priesthood, a holy nation, therefore everything God’s given you is yours to manage, not be stressed by. Your car, your house, your job, your kids, your mistakes, downfalls, and secrets were pre-designed for your good. They were gifted to you to work in your favor but if you only see them as problems you’ll never walk in freedom.

My goal is to help women boss up and stop running from the weight of a hectic lifestyle; if you want to be a queen you have to carry the crown. My group provides a platform so they can learn to rule their queendoms, not run from their responsibilities.

You’re also hosting a virtual bible study this year through your Facebook group. Tell me more about that.

One of my goals is to create a devotional series for an inspirational app, so I decided to challenge myself and produce content that I could then pitch to potential investors. My first series is called, “Saved, Paid, & Slayed — A 31-day Guide to Fuel Your Glow Up.” Members of the Queendom receive a devotional each morning that includes a scripture, lesson, and action step. In the evenings they receive a journal prompt to help expand their thoughts on the topic of the day. On Wednesdays I host a ten-minute bible study via Facebook Live to go in depth on our lead topic for the week. I’ll also be sharing interviews and guest posts on the blog that relate to faith, fitness, and finance during the month of January.

Last year you were laid off from your day job. How did you keep this experience from dampening your drive to pursue your passions?

It was the most bittersweet moment of my life. It was then that I said, “You may as well go for it girl!” It gave me the time that I needed to slow down and begin therapy. I got the chance to meet great people at local events and develop a greater sense of love for the city of Birmingham.

Losing my job gave me the courage I needed to stop doubting, take a leap, and believe in myself. It was an unexpected moment of favor. I was so tired of having my financial well-being rest in the hands of others that I’ve decided to write wholeheartedly in spite of my fears and see where the journey takes me.

What’s the #1 piece of advice you would give to other women about writing, blogging or brand building?

Plan ahead! I’m a selective procrastinator. I think I secretly like the pressure of doing things last minute because it allows me to focus more intensely than I otherwise would have. But blogging has made me re-adjust that comfort level. If you want to be successful you’ve got to be consistent, so now I plan ahead.

What are your goals for 2018?

I’d like to rebrand as Season26 Ministries and develop a line of workbooks and devotionals. I plan to host more events and develop stronger ties with local business owners through collaboration. I’d also like to take advantage of freelance writing opportunities.

On a personal note, I want to learn more about makeup. My mom always told me that natural is beautiful but I’d like to know how to beat my face for date nights and days that I want to Be Yonce. My husband and I would also like to buy a home, so making sure we stay focused financially is another big goal.

What do you enjoy most about being a member of See Jane Write?  

I love the sense of community! I had no idea there were so many female writers in my neighborhood before finding See Jane Write. I never knew people took blogging so seriously, yet alone made money from it, before I met the women I so candidly call my tribe. The women of See Jane Write are very inspirational. They share their hoorah moments and insecurities.

Even when I’m not feeling the best about myself I love being able to read about someone else’s accomplishments. I love being able to cheer people on and see what new and interesting things are going on through their posts.

See Jane Write gave me the guidance I needed when I needed it most. I’d always talked about writing and starting a blog but enrolling in See Jane Write made it a reality. It’s given a substantial boost to my future career and is thankfully so much cheaper than college!

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