It’s that time of year when close friends and family start to ask me what I want for Christmas and being a blogger makes it easy for me to answer. I simply write a blog post about my holiday wish list and share the link. So here goes…

FitBit Bracelet

This year I lost 20 pounds and I believe it was my FitBit that helped me accomplish this goal. I am obsessed with tracking my steps. I never want to take off my FitBit, not even when I need to be extra chic for a swanky blogger event. With this gold-plated bracelet, my FitBit will no longer clash with my outfits.

Feminist With a To-Do List gear can have all my money (or your money if you’re going to buy these for me). Of course, I need feminist-themed lapel pins, to-do lists, and tote bags!

Cherry Moon Press pins

This year lapel pins became my new obsession. And these Prince-inspired pins definitely need to be added to my collection. And how can I resist pins created by a company named after my favorite Prince movie?!


Girl Boss Books

Every year I have a long list of girl-power prose on my holiday wish list. The books I’d like this year include Gabrielle Union’s recently released memoir, We’re Going to Need More Wine, the #GirlBoss Workbook, Girl Code, You Are a Badass, and Capture Your Style.


What gifts are you hoping for this holiday season?