Month: September 2017

15 Confessions

It’s time for another 15 confessions!

  1. I’d rather write a blog post every day for the rest of my life than write a book. But I’m writing one anyway.
  2. I miss being a full-time journalist. Sometimes.
  3. I will cry actual tears if The Bold Type isn’t renewed for a second season.
  4. My husband is a music blogger and hip-hop snob, but when he’s not home I blast ratchet and ridiculous rap by artists I pretend I don’t know exist.
  5. I sing so hard in the car I often give myself a headache.
  6. When Shameless Maya hit 1 million subscribers I celebrated as if I had won a Pulitzer.
  7. I want to revive, but I have no idea what I’d blog about there.
  8. Sometimes I miss the days of blogging just for fun. 
  9. I want to sign up for Neighborhood Barre classes not to improve my flexibility or overall health but only because I want to lift my booty.
  10. I am prepared to give Rihanna and Fenty Beauty all my money.
  11. Even though I use social media to promote my work and believe most writers, bloggers and entrepreneurs should I low key hate social media and hope to take a break from it soon.
  12. I often feel as if I’m too old to go after my dreams even though I’m not even 40 yet.
  13. Though many of my friends see me as a good Christian girl because I pray and read the Bible daily and even post uplifting scripture on social media I haven’t regularly attended church in two years.
  14. Because of my busy schedule, I am a terrible daughter, sister, and friend.
  15. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.

What do you have to confess?

How to Raise $1,000 for Your Favorite Charity

Last fall I committed to raising (or donating) $750 for the Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham during the month leading up to the organization’s big annual fundraiser, Smart Party. Those of us who sign up for this challenge are called Smarty Pants and how can you not want to be given that distinction?! My very frugal husband, however, was very nervous about this endeavor, worried that I’d only raise about 20 bucks and that we’d have to shell out the rest. But because of the generosity of the community I’ve built around the See Jane Write blog and brand, I raised over $1,000!

And now I’m at again. I’m working to raise $750 for the Women’s Fund by October 12, the day of this year’s Smart Party. If you’d like to help, simply click here to make your donation. Even a contribution of $10 would help and would be much appreciated.

If you’d like to use your platform for good, here’s a look into how I raised $1,000 last year and what I plan to do to pull off this feat once again.


3 Reasons to Attend Magic City Fashion Week’s Bloggers Night Out

The organizers of Magic City Fashion Week are as much about community as they are couture.

Magic City Fashion Week is set for October 24 – 28, but creators Daniel Grier and Derek Matthews (the designers behind Splashed by DKG) are already busy adding magic to the Magic City through a series of smaller events leading up to the big week. Grier and Matthews see Magic City Fashion Week as an opportunity to not only cultivate, connect, and showcase Birmingham’s designers, beauty industry professionals, photographers, videographers, and models but also Birmingham bloggers.

Last month they hosted their first Bloggers Night Out, a networking event meant to help connect local bloggers with one another. On Monday, Sept. 18 at 6 p.m. at the rooftop bar at Redmont Hotel, MCFW organizers will host another Bloggers Night Out event. Here are three reasons you need to RSVP for this event right here, right now.