It’s Friday, so let’s do something fun. Today I’m sharing 15 confessions.

  1. I really miss my personal blog and I feel guilty for treating her like she’s my side chick.
  2. I’m supposed to be focusing on growing my Instagram following this month, but I’m cheating on IG with Twitter.
  3. Sometimes I feel like the book project I’m currently working on is literally, physically fighting me.
  4. If you say you don’t like Queen of the South, Queen Sugar or Insecure I will literally, physically fight you.
  5. I hate teaching Thoreau because I believe if he were alive today he’d be a mansplainer who would begin every sentence with, “Well, actually…”
  6. When I told you that I don’t judge the grammar mistakes you make on Facebook, I lied.
  7. The #1 thing I miss about being a full-time newspaper reporter is getting free admission to events with my press pass.
  8. The #2 thing I miss is going to NABJ conferences.
  9. I want my own talk show.
  10. I want to be Oprah Winfrey rich.
  11. I hate talking on the phone so much I get offended when it rings.
  12. Elaine Welteroth is my best friend in my head.
  13. At least once a day I feel like a complete failure.
  14. At least once a day I feel like a total badass.
  15. I’m convinced I can beat absolutely anyone at Just Dance.

What do you have to confess?