Black Bloggers United, an organization dedicated to enhancing and highlighting black content creators, is hosting its Power Hour event in Birmingham for the first time on Saturday, April 15.

The #bbupowerhour meet-up is scheduled to be held from noon to 2 p.m. at the Starbucks located at 1927 11th Ave South.

Founded by blogger and event planner Victoria Mason, Black Bloggers United began in February of 2015 as an Instagram account and has since grown into an international movement hosting webinars, monthly chats, local workshops and more with members in over 70 countries and eight regional directors in North America.

I recently had a chat with Birmingham-based blogger and vlogger Keoshia Kyneard of, who serves as the BBU Birmingham regional director.

Keoshia Kyneard, BBU Birmingham Regional Director

What is the mission of Black Bloggers United? 

The mission is to help and uplift Black bloggers nationwide. We take blogging to the next level by bringing events to cities with regional directors. From #bbupowerhour to mixers to workshops to parties, we connect with our members in person at quarterly events.  We do this with the hopes of bringing like-minded creators together to connect on a local level, to create a safe space centered around networking for creatives in cities across the world and to generate unmatched opportunities for content creators.

What can we expect at the Birmingham event? 

The #BBUPowerhour is a monthly meet-up were other bloggers in the area meet and work on their blogs together. You can expect to meet other local bloggers and creatives, work on unfinished blog posts, brainstorm and create with other bloggers.

How did you get involved with the group? 

I personally got involved with BBU to connect and network with other bloggers. Upon joining I saw that BBU was looking to expand their network to other cities by looking for additional regional directors in other cities. I thought this was a great opportunity to help create a great black blogger networking environment in Birmingham.

Tell us more about yourself and your blog.

I am mother of two  children (ages 18 and 10), regional director of Black Bloggers United,  Crohn’s disease advocate and part-time blogger/YouTuber.  After many years of putting myself on the back burner without question and  having my life based off what others wanted and needed, I created this internet space just for me. My website is an outlet where I can express my feelings, failures, triumphs and anything else I choose. I want this website to be me — “Doing Me Unapologetically!”

You can RSVP for the #BBUPowerHour in Birmingham here