Whether I like it or not, the holidays are upon us.

My closest friends know I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas. (Yes, I love sweet baby Jesus, but let’s all admit that this holiday has very little to do with Him.)

I can, however, be bribed into participating in your cookie swaps and ugly sweater parties.

If you’re wondering what to get me for Christmas, here’s “My Feminist AF Gift Guide.”

Feminist AF tee


In case you were wondering just how feminist as I.

Beyonce-Inspired Gifts


Help me be a slay belle this season with Beyonce-inspired planner stickers, a queen bee cuff, a “Don’t Worry Be Yonce” tank, or a “What Would Beyonce Do” name plate.

Poetry by Warsan Shire

I want to everything she has ever written — ever, but we can start with Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth.

Foxy & Brown tee


Inspired by Netflix’s The Get Down, this adorable tee by Adorned by Chi is sure to help me conjure my black girl magic.

Subscription to Bust magazine


…because I’m a woman with something to get off my chest. Best Year Ever wall calendar 


I need something to help me schedule my smashing of the patriarchy.

Peace, Love, & Intersectionality,


P.S. – You can get all those tees in a Large. OK, bye!