boss lady blogger bag

When school is in and I’m back to juggling my full-time teaching job with my part-time blogging business, my whole life changes. My workout schedule changes, my wardrobe changes, what I eat changes. Even the bag I carry gets a makeover. I go from carrying a chic handbag from H&M to rocking a huge Target tote that could be mistaken for carry-on luggage. But in that tote are all the things I need to manage both my teacher life and writer life and my life as a boss babe blogger.

Let’s take a look inside!

lady blogger bag

My Phone & Accessories

Any girl seeking to thrive in this digital world needs her phone her always, whether you’re engaging your readers on social media, making important phone calls, or doing research on the web. I also use my phone to record interviews for freelance stories and to watch Periscope broadcasts from my favorite bloggers and lady bosses.

A Book to Read

Good writers read good writing, so I try to always keep a book in my bag. Sometimes I carry a paperback with me. Other times I will read a book on my iPad or on my phone. I don’t have a lot of free time for leisure reading, so I had to train myself to read anytime, anyplace. So if I’m standing in line at the pharmacy or DMV, sitting in a waiting room, or if I arrive early for an appointment with a coaching client, I use that time to read a few pages.


My Day Designer planner (affiliate link) is my lifeline. If I leave it at home I will turn the car around and risk being late for work just so I can go back and get it. With my Day Designer, I keep track of my  to-do lists, I plan my day hour by hour, and I make important notes related to everything from teaching and blogging to eating and exercise.

Idea Book

Any blogger worth her domain name keeps a running list of blog post ideas. I have one in the Notes app of my phone, but I also always keep a small notebook in my bag. In this notebook I will not only jot down blog post ideas but outlines, too. And I grab this notebook when business strategy ideas hit while I’m on the go.

Makeup Bag

It’s rare that you will find my face beat for the goddesses, but I keep a makeup bag with me nonetheless. In it I carry my Kat Von D lipstick, Aveda lipgloss, Laura Mercier powder, Urban Decay eyeshadow primer, Sephora eyeshadow, and Maybelline eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and mascara. With my makeup in tow, I can freshen up my look after school before I head to a networking event, a meeting with a client, or a speaking engagement.

Personal Care Items

I live in the Deep South where it’s hot about 9 out of 12 months and my sweat glands are overachievers just like me. So I keep travel-size deodorant and body spray in my bag. In fact, I have a tiny tote for several personal care items including medicine, tissues, lotion, hand sanitizer, and hair ties. My friends know I’m also obsessed with my nails, so I carry a bottle of Essie polish with me always so I can touch up my nails when needed.

Water & A Healthy Snack

Because I’m so busy I usually don’t have dinner until 7 hours after I’ve had lunch. As cliche as it is for a teacher to keep an apple on hand for an afternoon snack, that’s exactly what I do. In my bag you’ll also find a bottle of water to help me drink the 80 ounces I try to have each day.

Business Cards

Here in the South exchanging business cards is still a thing. So I make sure to always keep cards in my bag and even in my wallet.


As you’ve probably gathered from this list, my workbag is so heavy that lugging it around should count for my cardio and strength training for the day. Obviously if I’m headed to dinner and drinks with friends or a networking event after work I don’t want to drag my small suitcase with me. So in my bag I keep a small clutch that doubles as my wallet. When it’s time to be a social butterfly I just grab the clutch from my bag and go.


What’s in your bag?