may goals

Sometimes I get so restless.

Sometimes I feel so fed up.

When my business isn’t growing the way I want it to, when I feel my writing career has become stagnant, I get so frustrated.

But then I get to work.

We all have those bad days when we feel disheartened and discouraged. And that’s OK. That’s normal. That’s human. Let yourself pout a bit. Complain to your partner or your best friend. Eat some ice cream or some cheesecake and have a glass of wine.

Then put an end to the pity party, put your big girl panties on, and get back to work.

And try something new.

That’s the key.

You see, if you’re not happy with the way things are going then you obviously need to change what you’re doing.

So as you set your goals for May, challenge yourself to try something new.

Here are five things to try this month:

Try Periscope or Facebook Live. Both of these apps allow you to stream live video to your followers. You can use this video to teach on a specific topic for your audience or simply to share a slice of your life. I’ve been on Periscope for nearly a year now, but this month I’m challenging myself to try Facebook Live.

Maximize social media.  This doesn’t mean you need to be highly active on every social media network that exists. This does means you need to pick a few platforms you actually like (and platforms your ideal reader frequents) and make the most of them. Perhaps you’ll challenge yourself two schedule most tweets for Twitter. Maybe you’ll start a Facebook group. Maybe you’ll be more active on Instagram or SnapChat. My plan for May is to post to Instagram 3 times a day and schedule at least a dozen tweets each weekday. 

Write every day. Writers write. Period. This month challenge yourself to write every day. No, you don’t have to write an award-winning poem every day or even a life-changing blog post. Nor do you have to write a chapter every day for your next book. This month I’m simply committing to writing something, even if it’s just a few lines, every single day. 

Revamp your homepage. Take a look at your homepage and be sure it answers these five questions: Who are you and what do you do? (Include a brief intro and a nice photo of yourself.) How can you help your reader? (Stay focused on the value you offer.) Why should she listen to you? (Flaunt your credentials and experience a bit.) How can your ideal reader stay in touch with you? (Include social media icons and an email opt-in form with an incentive.) What do you want your ideal reader to do next after leaving your homepage? (Do you want your visitors to simply read your blog posts or do you have services or products you want to tell them about? Be sure to direct your reader through your site.) This month I am going to revamp the See Jane Write website and perhaps my personal websites, too. 

Find your tribe and love them hard. This Danielle LaPorte quote is one of my life mottos and one of the reasons I started See Jane Write. This month, I’d love for you to get more involved with See Jane Write, whether that’s joining and being active in our Facebook group or becoming an official member. It’s important to have a tribe not just for professional and creative pursuits, but in our personal lives, too. That’s why this month, I’m going to spend quality time with a woman in my tribe at least once a week. 

What are your goals for May? What new things will you try this month?