Many of the women writers I know say Instagram is not their jam. They think it’s only useful for fashion bloggers or for people who want to pretend their lives are more fabulous than they actually are. But Instagram can be a great place for writers to share ideas, show off their work, collaborate with other writers, and get inspiration. So go on and start that Instagram account, and here are five women writers you should follow on Instagram once you’ve joined the party.


G.G. Renee is the writer behind the blog All the Many Layers. In addition to her own writing she also creates books and courses to help other women “embrace their layers + writer from the heart.” Her Instagram account shows snippets of her writing and her many layers.




Nikki Woods is a senior producer for the Tom Joyner Morning Show, a best selling author, and a coach for writers and entrepreneurs. Her Instagram account often offers writing and publishing tips, advice on how to get attention from the media, and inspiration to get you through the day.



Tyece Wilkins is the author of the blog Twenties Unscripted and a book by the same name that was released this summer. Her Instagram account, as well as her book and blog, is all about exploring womanhood, relishing in life as a writer, and navigating relationships. Check out my interview with Tyece to learn more.



Published author Samantha King is proof that Instagram isn’t just for style bloggers. She has more than 57,000 followers and mostly posts snippets of her writing, snippets that are sure to inspire you on days you’re struggling with writer’s block.


And last but not least… ME!


I recently started an Instagram account — @seejavaciawriter — specifically for providing inspiration and encouragement to women writers. You can also follow my personal Instagram account @writeousbabe.



Who are you favorite writers and bloggers of Instagram?