Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Guess what, gals! See Jane Write is now on Bloglovin’. I signed up my personal blog, The Writeous Babe Project, for Bloglovin’ years ago and forgot about it. But today decided to add this site as well and to pay more attention to my ranking and feed.

Bloglovin’ is a website (and mobile app) that helps you keep up with your favorite blogs. It aggregates feeds from the sites you want to follow and can help you discover new blogs to check out as well. Tonight I had to wait for a half hour between appointments and didn’t have a computer in front of me. So I pulled out my phone, pulled up my Bloglovin’ app and used that time to catch up on some of my favorite blogs.

Bloglovin’ is a great way to spread the word about your blog as well and a good way to encourage people to read your posts. Sign up for a Bloglovin account to get started. (Chances are, your blog already exists on Bloglovin’. Click here to learn how to claim your blog.)

In addition to signing up See Jane Write for Bloglovin’ I’ve also decided to get serious about improving my personal blog’s Bloglovin’ ranking (which is based on the number of Bloglovin’ followers you have). Why? The higher your ranking the higher the chances of your blog being featured on the Bloglovin’ homepage, which will obviously increase your exposure.

Here are three things I plan to do to increase my personal blog’s ranking:

1) Add a Bloglovin follow button to my blog. Most bloggers add their follow button to their site’s sidebar. You can create your own follow button or you can use one of Bloglovin’s standard follow widgets found here. Also try adding a Bloglovin link to your header as seen on the blog Fashion Squad. Be sure to add a Bloglovin link to the bottom of your posts as well. According to Bloglovin, bloggers who add a link at the bottom of every post grow their followers and ranking five times faster than those that don’t.

2) Connect my blog’s Bloglovin account to Facebook and / or Twitter. According to Bloglovin, bloggers who do get on average 120 more visitors per post than bloggers that don’t.

3) Finally, I’m going to invite my friends to follow my blog on Bloglovin’. So, friend, if you want to follow The Writeous Babe Project on Bloglovin’ click here. If you want to follow See Jane Write, click here.


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