the 25

A blogging buddy of mine once advised me to make a list of 25 sites to regularly visit for information and inspiration and I did just that. Over time my list has changed, as expected, but I believe it’s imperative that writers read.

So today I’m updating my list and sharing it in hopes that it will inspire you to create a list of your own. Obviously, I don’t have time to read 25 different blogs a day. But if I skim through 5 a day, 5 days a week and do more close reading on the weekend, I stay on top of things and I have plenty to jot down in my journal of blog post ideas.

My list includes websites on the topics that interest me most — writing, blogging, feminism, and business — as well as some of my favorite lifestyle blogs. Many of the sites are also online publications I hope to write for someday. It’s important to be familiar with a website before you send in your a pitch.

Here’s my top 25:

  1. Feminist Wednesday
  2. Gabi Fresh
  3. Erika Napoletano
  4. Goins Writer
  5. Independent Fashion Bloggers
  6. Fit and Feminist
  7. Sarah Bessey
  8. Project Eve
  9. Writability
  10. The Blog Maven
  12. Hello Giggles
  13. Kim Garst
  15. All the Many Layers
  16. Ms. Magazine Blog
  17. HuffPost Women
  18. Write to Done
  19. Feministing
  20. For Harriet
  21. Feministe
  22. Clutch
  24. The Hairpin
  25. A Place to Dwell

What websites and blogs to do you love?

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