At See Jane Write’s Bloganista Mini-Conference our closing keynote speaker Megan LaRussa Chenoweth of Southern Femme talked about things that were game changers for her blog and her business – things like better promoting her newsletter, getting a new logo, and moving into an office space.

For those of you who attended, my hope is that the Bloganista Mini-Conference was a game changer for you. I hope you left with the information and the inspiration you needed to take your blog, business, or writing career to the next level.

If you want to review some of the highlights from the conference, check out my recap post.

Here are six additional game changers for your blog, brand, or business.

1. Join See Jane Write. Over the next several months, most See Jane Write events will be for members only. If you don’t want to be left out, became an official member of See Jane Write today. Basic membership is only $25 per year. Click here for details.

2. Learn the game of golf. You may be thinking, “What on earth does golf have to do with my life as an entrepreneur?” Plenty. We all know that men make business deals out on the green. It’s time you join the boys club by picking up some clubs and learning to golf. Shella Sylla of SisterGolf is offering a $50 discount off her upcoming Introduction to Business Golf for Ladies Class.  

Click here to register. The promo code is SJW14.

3. Write for your life. At the Bloganista Mini-Con our morning keynote speaker Alexis Barton of confessed that before starting her blog she had become a writer who didn’t write. Last week while at BlogHer’14 I realized I was becoming a blogger who didn’t blog. But then I learned of so many women who shared stories on their blogs that saved people’s lives! And sometimes by sharing their stories they saved themselves. So make a commitment right now to write as if your life — or someone else’s — depends on it, because it might. (You can read my BlogHer ’14 recap on my personal blog,

4. Get a new logo. Chenoweth said getting a new logo was a game changer for her and it could be for you too. Aly Hathcock, a graphic designer who attended the Bloganista Mini-Con, would like to offer a discount on logo designs for anyone who attended the event. 

You can check out her portfolio at If you’re interested contact her at

5. Write an e-book.An e-book can be used as incentive for folks to join your email list or can be used to help you establish yourself as an expert in a particular arena. An e-book can also be a way to generate extra revenue by selling your book with a company like Shebooks, which publishes short e-books for and by women. (Now through July 30, get a free book from with the promo code FREEBOOK.) And check out my post at on 3 reasons you should write an e-book.

6. Get in shape. I always say that you can’t write the new great American masterpiece if you’re dead. So take control of your health! Inspire Fitness wants to help you with that. Kelly Creel of Inspire Fitness, one of our awesome conference sponsors, will give Bloganista Mini-Con attendees 50% off any group class package. All you have to do is use the code SEEJANEWRITE2014 (it is case sensitive). This coupon code expires Sept. 30. 
Visit inspirefitnessbirmingham.comto order your class package today.

I’d love to hear about what changes the game for you!