“What will do you do to help others rediscover the magic of Birmingham?” That was the question posed to attendees of the March 1 TEDxBirmingham conference. We were each given a commitment form to fill out answering that question and invited to share our plans on the TEDxBirmingham commitment wall. I sat for hours pondering what I would do. I sat holding my commitment form in my hand, crumpling it to the point that I had to ask for another one.
But as the conference continued I began to notice a clear theme: the power of storytelling. Though the topics of the talks ran the gamut — from cyber crime and medical research to improving education and supporting the arts — each speaker was inspiring me to make a difference because of their captivating stories. And in some cases they had even made a difference and brought about significant change simply by telling stories.
And so I knew what I would do. I would start The Birmingham Jane project — a See Jane Write series of profiles on women in Birmingham who are making a difference in our city. My hope is that by sharing their stories I will inspire readers to strive to make a positive impact in their spheres of influence as well.
I launched this series last Monday at See Jane Write Magazine. I felt it was only right to begin this series with a woman who not only spoke at TEDxBirmingham but has been a cheerleader and champion for Birmingham for years: Laura Kate Whitney. You can read her profile here.
If you know of a woman who is making a difference in Birmingham please send your nominations to javacia@seejanewritebham.com. And don’t be ashamed to nominate yourself!