Hi my name is Javacia Harris Bowser and I’m the founder and editor of See Jane Write, a website and community for female writers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. (You can learn more about me here.) For See Jane Write I host in-person and virtual workshops and social events, maintain a blog and produce e-courses. I also develop and deliver exclusive content for members each week.

When people learn that my name is Javacia they often ask, “So, who is Jane?”

The name “See Jane Write” is a play on the old Dick and Jane books, but over the years I’ve come to affectionately refer to the women of See Jane Write as “the Janes” or, better yet, “my Janes” because I am crazy about my tribe!

So who is Jane?

You are!

Or at least I hope you will want to be. If you’re wondering if See Jane Write is the right network for you, let me help you with that.

J.A.N.E. is Joyful

Do you write and blog not for money or for the sake of seeing your byline but simply for the joy of stringing together sentences? Do you write simply because you can’t help yourself? Then, you’re probably a J.A.N.E.

J.A.N.E. is Ambitious

Even though you write for the love of the craft, you are still a woman with bold and beautiful dreams. Perhaps you want an award-winning blog or maybe you want to turn your blog into a business. Perhaps you dream of writing a best seller or seeing your byline in your favorite national magazine. If you’re a girl with goals galore, then you’re probably a J.A.N.E.

J.A.N.E. is Noteworthy 

Quite simply, Janes “do it big” and so do you! You believe in excellence, striving to give your all to your writing, blogging, or business and striving to be your best self. You want to write and live a life worth writing about. If you’re a woman determined to be the author of her own life then you’re probably a J.A.N.E.

J.A.N.E. is Empowered 

You believe that empowered women empower women. Though you often write and blog in private, you understand that writing is a communal act. You are inspired most by the words and the lives of other women and you hope to inspire them, too, in return. You know you need a support system to pursue your writing, blogging and business aspirations. You embrace Danielle LaPorte’s charge to “Find your tribe and love them hard.”

So, are you a J.A.N.E.?

I hope so.

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