How to Make Time to Write and Blog

When it comes to the question of how to make time to write and blog I’ve realized I’ve been too easy on you.

Until now, I’ve simply challenged you to write every day, even if it’s just one page or even just one line. And I still think that’s a fine way to start your writing or blogging journey. But eventually the time comes when we have to put our big girl panties on and do more.

That time is now.


How Writing Challenges Can Boost Your Writing Confidence, Commitment, and Creativity

April 8-28 See Jane Write will host a FREE 21-day writing challenge that I’m calling The Write Start. I believe it is my calling to help women writers and bloggers take the first step they need to take to get to the level they want to reach. The challenge is designed to help women develop a daily writing ritual and build the confidence, commitment, and creativity they need to get serious about writing, blogging or building a platform.

You can sign up at bit.ly/thewritestartchallenge.

Here’s how the challenge will work: Each morning you’ll receive an email from me that will contain a brief lesson and a writing prompt. The Write Start challenge also includes weekly live virtual group coaching sessions, one virtual write-in, and one virtual critique session.

The challenge will get you writing every day for 21 days in hopes of making daily writing a habit.

But you may be straining your eye-rolling muscles right now. You may be thinking, “Not another writing challenge! Aren’t writing challenges just a waste of time? Aren’t they just busy work?”

Obviously, I don’t think so, but you don’t have to just take my word for it. I recently asked the women of the See Jane Write Network Facebook group if any of them had good experiences with writing challenges that they’d be willing to share. The response I got was overwhelming.


7 Ways to Build Your Writing Confidence

I’ve been lying to you. And I’ve been lying to myself. See Jane Write is not actually about writing.

Sure, I host group writing sessions and critique workshops for See Jane Write Collective members. I post tips about writing on the See Jane Write blog and even share tips about writing on social media. But I’ve come to realize that See Jane Write isn’t really about writing or blogging or even building a personal brand.


Why Writers Should Write Every Day

Write every day. You’ve probably heard this advice before. You’ve probably heard this advice from me before. But chances are you have yet to actually follow it. And I think I know why.

“Because Javacia told me I should” is never going to be a good enough reason to write every day. That reason alone isn’t going to be enough to motivate you to write when you’ve had a terrible day at work and you just want to spend your evening watching Netflix or when your bed feels really, really good and you don’t want to get up early to write before your kids wake up.

So today I’m offering you much better reasons to write every day, reasons I hope keep you motivated today, tomorrow and beyond.