7 Ways to Finally Feel Like a Real Writer

I was 19 years old when I first felt like a real writer.

I wrote a news story about an affordable housing initiative, pitched it to a newspaper in my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, and that paper published my article.

I had my first clip and I felt legit.

But here’s the thing. You don’t need a book or a blog or byline in a newspaper, magazine, or website to be a writer. To be a writer all you have to do is write!

Here are 7 things you can start doing to FINALLY feel like a real writer.


Writer’s Block Begins in the Body

This month I revisited a book I first read years ago when I was a student, a book by John Lee titled Writing from the Body.

The introduction of the book makes a bold declaration: Writer’s block begins in the body.


How to Write a Good Personal Essay

Humans are nosy. We love to be all up in other people’s business. And while this is annoying at family gatherings when your aunt wants to know why you’re still not married, the nosy nature of humans is actually good news for you as a writer. People want to read your story! People want to read your personal essays.


Author Q&A with A.S. Mackey

As a Christian, I strive to have childlike faith in God, but the book The Edge of Everywhen by A.S. Mackey reminds me that sometimes even children can struggle to believe in the goodness of God when times are tough. But this novel offers a message of hope that will prove particularly poignant for writers and readers who believe words can change lives.