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How to Make the Most of See Jane Write

See Jane Write offers a lot of FREE stuff to help you with your writing life. You can get tips on writing, blogging, and even personal brand building from See Jane Write blog posts. You can get even more information and inspiration from my free webinars. And you can find a group of fellow women writers to cheer you on in the See Jane Write Network Facebook group.

But these things just scratch the surface of what See Jane Write can do for you. When you join our membership program the See Jane Write Collective you’ll get access to a members-only resource library full of workbooks, videos, and more to help you with your writing or blogging journey. You’ll also get access to members-only workshops, writing sessions, and critique circles.

When you become a member of the See Jane Write Collective, you will have all the resources you need to follow what I like to call the See Jane Write Success Path.


8 Lessons Learned from 8 Years of See Jane Write

Eight years ago I walked into Cantina Tortilla Grill in Birmingham, Alabama to have dinner with about a dozen women I’d never met before. We talked about writing, blogging, social media and more. We talked about our current writing projects and the projects we dreamed of pursuing. And with this meeting See Jane Write was born.

At the time I had no idea that See Jane Write could become a business with members all over the world. At the time I had no idea that because of See Jane Write I’d get the opportunity to write a monthly column for B-Metro and Birmingham magazines. I had no idea I’d have the chance to share the story of See Jane Write on the TEDxBirmingham stage. I had no idea I’d win awards because of See Jane Write or meet some of my dearest friends through this group. Eight years ago I had no idea that See Jane Write would completely change my life.

Over the past eight years I’ve learned a lot about writing, blogging, and entrepreneurship. And I’ve learned a lot about myself. Here are eight lessons I’ve learned from my eight years of managing See Jane Write.


How See Jane Write Can Help You Succeed in 2019

“Over here we measure success by how many people successful next to you/ Here we say you broke if everybody else broke except for you.” — “Boss” by The Carters

I am determined to make 2019 my most successful year yet, but I can’t count 2019 as a win unless you’re winning, too.

Here are some things I think you should do to be successful in 2019 and how See Jane Write can help you with each step.


Why Writing Is a Communal Act

Writing is a communal act.

Now you may be thinking, “No, it’s not! We must write in solitude to produce our best work.”

But as Natalie Goldberg says in her book Writing Down the Bones, “Contrary to popular belief, a writer is not Prometheus alone on a hill of fire. We are arrogant to think we alone have a totally original mind.”

In other words, everything we write is somehow influenced by the work of writers who have come before us.

But it goes even deeper than that.


My Journey from Lady Blogger to Boss Lady

I sometimes call myself an accidental entrepreneur, even though a part of me has always wanted to own my own business. In fact, as a kid, I started a “boutique” in my bedroom and tried to convince family members and friends to buy purses and costume jewelry I no longer wanted.

Nonetheless, it would be a blog, not a boutique, that would be the start of my first real business.