How to Turn Your Blog Into a Business


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When I started See Jane Write in 2011 it was just a small women’s writing group and a simple Blogger blog. Now it is an award-winning business. In my latest e-course Lady Blogger to Boss Lady I share all my secrets as to how I’ve grown See Jane Write and used blogging to land paid freelance writing gigs and speaking engagements.

Here are the seven steps I took to turn my blog into a business.

  1. I got serious. If you want people to take you seriously as a businesswoman, you have to take yourself seriously first. This means treating your blog as if it’s your job. This means creating high quality content and being clear on your goals and vision for your blog. This means getting educated on the business side of blogging. And for the love of all that is holy, get some business cards and stop scribbling your website URL on the back of a napkin at networking events!
  2. I got focused. If you’re only blogging for fun it’s perfectly fine to write about everything under the sun. But if you’re trying to turn your blog into a business you must nail down your niche. This doesn’t mean you have to ignore all your other interests and passions. I often find clever, creative ways to tie my love for fitness into the work I do for See Jane Write. But at the end of the day it’s all about empowering women to share their stories and be the author of their own lives.
  3. I got organized. Consistency is one of the best ways to stand out in the oh-so-crowded world of blogging because being consistent is something most people simply don’t do. Create an editorial calendar and content plan and stick with it.
  4. I got connected. Social media networks are great, but if you’re going to build a business you have to build an e-mail list. Get connected with your readers and potential customers by collecting their email addresses and sending them regular, valuable information so that you can always stay top of mind.
  5. I got out there. I made a name for myself and my blog locally by hosting live events about blogging and writing. I also got featured on local media outlets, national websites, and popular blogs. And I network, network, network online and in real life.
  6. I got creative. So many bloggers think that ads and sponsored posts are the only way to make money through your blog and that’s simply not true. I started creating e-courses and offering one-on-one coaching and consulting services to start generating revenue.
  7. I got support. In addition to enrolling in online programs to help me be a better businesswoman, I also started to focus on building my tribe. It’s imperative to have a group of people who understand and support the goals you’re going after.

In my new e-course I will walk you through all seven of these steps in great detail, focusing on one step per week. Lady Blogger to Boss Lady is a seven-week course that has a value of $497, but I’m offering a beta version for only $75. Enrollment closes Sept. 21. Learn more and sign up at

*This post originally appeared on on Sept. 14, 2015. 

How to Take Yourself Seriously As a Blogger & Businesswoman

Megan LaRussa Chenoweth truly inspired me to take myself seriously as a blogger and businesswoman. Here we are pictured at the first Bloganista Mini-Con.

*The following post is a sneak peek from Week 1 of my new e-course Lady Blogger to Boss Lady. To learn more and enroll, visit

On July 19, 2014 I hosted my first day-long blogging conference, the Bloganista Mini-Con. Nearly 100 people were in attendance. We had networking, food, vendors, informative panel discussions and compelling keynote speakers and a professional photographer capturing it all. During the conference I kept whispering to my husband, “This actually feels like a real conference.” Eventually he said to me, “Javacia, this is a real conference.”

Megan LaRussa Chenoweth, the afternoon keynote speaker at that event, said something that day that truly stuck with me. “It’s not enough to be stylish bloggers,” she said. “We must also be smart businesswomen.”

I had a revelation in that moment. The reason my blog wasn’t growing as a business in the way that I wanted it to was in part because I wasn’t taking myself seriously as a businesswoman. After that day I shifted my mindset. I developed what I now call the “Boss Lady Blogger Mindset” and six months later I received an email from the Birmingham Business Journal informing me I had been chosen as one of their Top 40 Under 40 for 2015. I am convinced that learning to take myself seriously as a businesswoman made all the difference.

If you want other people to take you seriously as a businesswoman, you have to take yourself seriously first.

But what does this look like? How do we go about living out this idea of taking ourselves seriously as bloggers and businesswomen before we’ve “made it”?

Here are five things I believe will get you there:

Be professional. Treat your blog like your job. Most people don’t want to hear this because most people hate their jobs and obviously don’t want to start hating their blogs, too. But if you’re serious about blogging you have to show up and do the work. You have to develop a blogging schedule and stick with it, even when you don’t feel like it. Just as you’d never call your boss and say, “You know, I just don’t feel like coming to work today,” you can’t do that with your blog.

Be confident. You must be confident about who you are and what you do. One way to get that confidence is by producing good work. I live by the motto of “Be intentional or be quiet.” Never post for the sake of posting. Be sure everything you write serves a purpose and adds some type of value to your reader, even if that value is just inspiration or entertainment.

Be clear on your goals. People who aren’t bloggers most likely won’t understand what you’re doing or why you’re doing it. So you better make sure that you do! You need a vision for your blog and clearly defined goals for your career as a writer and blogger. Knowing what you’re doing, why you’re doing and where you’re headed will also work wonders for your confidence. Having vision is so important that I recently hired a business coach to specifically help me in this area.

Be eager to learn. Once I got serious about turning my blog into a business I signed up for every program I could afford to learn more about marketing and managing online businesses and membership sites. I started working with a business coach and a brand strategist. And I watched a countless number of free webinars. If you’re going to get serious, you have to get educated.

Be a servant. Even if you’re a fashion blogger posting pictures of what you wear each day or a fitness blogger sharing your daily workouts and meal plans, YOUR BLOG IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU. I truly believe that to be successful and to be taken seriously you need to think about others. You need to consider how the content you’re producing is helping others.

*This post is an excerpt from Week 1 of my new e-course Lady Blogger to Boss Lady. To learn more and enroll visit


4 Investments Lady Bloggers Should Make This Month

invest in yourself

If you want to turn your blog into a business, you need to act like it! And one of the things you’ll need to do is invest in your blog and invest in yourself. Here are 4 investments you should consider making this month:

Lady Blogger to Boss Lady E-Course

lady blogger to boss lady

Enrollment for my new e-course Lady Blogger to Boss Lady opens Saturday. This 7-week course will help you develop your best blog yet and show you how to turn that blog into a business without relying on ad sales or sponsored posts. A value of $497, I’m offering this beta version of the course for only $75! Plus, if you sign up for my Lady Blogger VIP list you’ll receive a discount. If you’ll be in the Birmingham area Saturday, Sept. 12, be sure to register for my Lady Blogger to Boss Lady kickoff event for an even BIGGER discount. (Only 6 tickets remaining for this free event.)

Social Media Training

carrie social media
Nothing says social media like photographing food!

Writer, blogger and social media maven Carrie Rollwagen is offering a social media workshop on Saturday, Sept. 19 specifically for those building a small business or personal brand. The workshop is  an overview of social media marketing and an introduction to all kinds of social media tools. This daylong session will help you find the social media strategy that’s right for your small business or personal brand and give you the inspiration to get started. Topics covered include: Managing websites and blogs; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest; basic keyword optimization techniques; scheduling and organizing; and much more. Tickets are $100 and include lunch. Use the code BHAMJANES for a 20% discount. Class meets Saturday, September 19 at Innovation Depot from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Innovation Depot is located 1500 1st Ave N #31, Birmingham, AL 35203. Get more details and register here:

A Self-Hosted Site

Moving to a self-hosted WordPress site was one of the best investments I ever made in my blog and business. After revamping my website people instantly started to take me and See Jane Write more seriously. If you need help setting up your self-hosted site, WPBeginner offers a free service through which they’ll do it for you FOR FREE as long as you purchase your web hosting using one of their affiliate links. Get more information here.

A Theme As Lovely As You Are

Perhaps you already have a self-hosted WordPress site, but you’re just not happy with the look of your blog. BluChic can help with that. BluChic offers beautiful WordPress themes designed specifically with female bloggers and business owners in mind. I use a BluChic theme for the See Jane Write website and my portfolio site. Themes are $79 and BluChic offers a number of other design elements, too. Click here to visit Bluchic (affiliate link).

I know that investing in all four of these in one month may not be feasible for most people. So decide which investment will be most beneficial for your blog and your business and go for it!

How will you invest in your blog and business this month? 


5 Things to Try Next Month

5 things to try

The other day I came across the high school yearbook from my senior year. My senior quote was this: “If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

This quote has been attributed to nearly a half dozen people, but regardless of who said it first, it’s great advice. Teenage Javacia knew it was great advice and, fortunately, grown-up Javacia knows that, too.

And so I’m always eager to try new things and eager to encourage others to try new things as well. If you’re a writer or blogger, here are five things you should try next month:


Stop Waiting to Be Picked

lady blogger e-course cover

You’ve been blogging awhile and you love it, but sometimes you feel as if blogging doesn’t love you back.

Your traffic isn’t growing. Your favorite brands are overlooking you for campaigns. Potential sponsors are ignoring your pitches. Your application to join a high-profile blogging society was rejected. You dream of turning your blog into a business, but right now that feels impossible. You’re wondering if you should stop blogging altogether.

DON’T GIVE UP! You can transition from a lady blogger to a boss lady and I’ll show you how with my new e-course.

In this 7-week course you will learn how to turn your blog into a business without relying on ad sales or sponsored posts.

Stop waiting to picked!

Stop waiting for brands to ask you to promote their products and services. Start creating and selling products and services of your own.

Stop waiting for blogging groups to welcome you into their inner circle. Build your own tribe.

In this course first I will help you build your best blog yet and then show you several creative ways you can use your blog to generate extra income. You’ll even learn how you can use your blog to jumpstart your career as an author or freelance writer and how to use your blog to land paid speaking engagements. Click here for a complete course overview.

Enrollment for Lady Blogger to Boss Lady opens Sept. 12 and closes Sept. 21, which is when the course begins. New content will be released each Monday for seven weeks.

One of my business mentors told me I should add a live component to this course and charge $497 for it. Perhaps one day I’ll do just that. But I’ve decided to offer a beta version of the course for only $75. And if you join my Lady Blogger VIP list you’ll get a discount. (A discount will also be available to See Jane Write members.) If during the course you do feel you need one-on-one help you can schedule a Skype chat with me for only $50 (regularly $99).

To receive a discount code for the course and other important announcements, click here to join the Lady Blogger VIP list.

You can get a sneak peek at some of the course content tonight. At 7 p.m. I’ll be doing a Periscope broadcast on how to plan an event to promote your blog. In the e-course there’s a module devoted to this topic, complete with checklists and worksheets to guide you through the process. Be sure to charge your devices, follow me @writeousbabe, and meet me on Periscope tonight.

And if you’re ready to transition from lady blogger to boss lady, click here to sign up for my VIP list and let’s do this!