Journaling and Meditation: Essential Tools for Self-Discovery

Journaling and meditation are two practices that can serve as the cornerstones of your self-care regimen. But they can also help you get in touch with who you are and what you want.

I love journaling. In fact, I may be obsessed with it. Like most folks, I kept a diary when I was younger filled with teen angst. But as I grew older, I realized journaling could be used for so much more than ranting and raving. Journaling is my superpower!

Meditation — not so much!


Things I’m Grateful for That Money Can’t Buy

When I thumb through my journal and look at the things I often give thanks for in my daily gratitude lists, I’m struck by how much of those lists are filled with material possessions such as my home and my car. Even when I give thanks for experiences such as trips to New York or to Orange Beach, I recognize that these things couldn’t happen without money.

When I write about how wonderful it feels to walk peacefully in my neighborhood, I also acknowledge that it’s a blessing to be able to afford to live in a quiet suburb.

So today when writing in my journal, I challenged myself to express gratitude for five things that money can’t buy.


My Thanksgiving Journaling Tradition

A few years ago I started a Thanksgiving journaling tradition. While I typically list at least five things I’m grateful for each morning, on Thanksgiving morning I challenge myself to write my gratitude list for five minutes instead.


9 Gratitude Affirmations for Women Writers

Reciting gratitude affirmations can boost your mood almost instantly. But declaring you’re grateful for everything in your life can feel inauthentic when you’re facing challenging times or when the world feels like a dumpster fire. 

That’s why I believe that gratitude affirmations work best when you write your own.