30 Things I Love About Freelance Writing

Years ago I started a feature on the blog for which I would list 30 things I love. It’s basically a chance for me to give you a peek into my gratitude journal, which seems appropriate on the eve of Thanksgiving Day.

Recently, I shared with you what life is really like for a freelance writer and I showed you that freelancing is hard work! But it’s also very rewarding and a whole lot of fun.

So, today I’m sharing with you 30 things I love about freelance writing.


You Are Not Too Old to Freelance

Am I too old to start freelancing?

That’s a question I’m often asked by some of the women in the See Jane Write community.

This question makes me so angry! I’m not angry with the women asking the question obviously. I’m angry about the youth-obsessed culture we live in that makes women insecure about their age.


How I Outline Articles Using Post-It Notes

If you walk into my home office on any given day you’re bound to see brightly colored Post-It notes tacked to the door of the room’s closet. In early 2019 this became my way of creating an outline for my articles.

Sure, I could just jot down an outline in a notebook or type up one in a Google or Word document — and for years that’s what I did. But one day I was really struggling to organize my thoughts for a story and I knew my traditional method of outlining wasn’t going to cut it.


How to Finally Go Full-Time Freelance

For years I wanted to be a full-time freelance journalist so I could finally write on my own terms. But I was convinced I could never make a decent living as a freelancer.

Then, one day I thought, “But what if I can?”

One day I simply decided to believe I could make it work. And I did!

I’ve been a successful full-time freelancer for over a year now – in the midst of a pandemic.

Here’s how you can go full-time freelance, too.