Breast Cancer

Meet Multi-Passionate Writer and Breast Cancer Survivor LaKisha Cargill

Multi-Passionate Writer LaKisha Cargill

If you’re a multi-passionate writer, See Jane Write is the community for you. LaKisha Cargill knows this. She’s been a member of the See Jane Write Collective for years and during that time has dabbled in many genres of writing.

“I write just about everything,” LaKisha says. “I am a blogger turned essayist turned aspiring children’s book author turned poet. I love the written and spoken word, so I express myself in many creative outlets.”

Lately, LaKisha has been leaning into her love for poetry and it’s paying off. She recently won an award for one of her poems. LaKisha is a breast cancer survivor who has been using her writing to share her story encourage other women affected by the disease. But these aren’t the only reasons why LaKisha is the See Jane Write member of the month for October 2021.

LaKisha knows that writers need other writers and she takes community seriously. In the See Jane Write Network Facebook group, you will often find her sparking discussion, offering words of encouragement, and posting opportunities for her fellow scribes.

Read on to learn more about LaKisha.


Growing Pains

Every December I choose a word that will be my focus, my theme for the year to come. My word for 2020 was growth.

I was determined that 2020 would be the year I would level up in every aspect of my life.

In my freelance life, I wanted to start writing for more national publications. In my blogging life, I wanted to reach new readers. In my personal life, I wanted to be healthy and happy with my body and I wanted to do 40 fun and new things before I turn 40 in 2021.

But here’s the thing – when you pray for growth, be prepared for pruning.


I Am Not My Hair

“Javacia — the girl with the long, pretty hair.”

That’s how people have described me for most of my life. As I got older and started making a name for myself as a writer, blogger, business owner, and teacher, I thought this would change. And in some ways, it did. In some circles, I’m “the blogger girl.” Some people actually call me “See Jane Write.” And to my former students, I will always be “Mrs. Bowser.”

But for most people, I just went from being “the girl with the long, pretty hair” to “the lady with the long, pretty hair.”

I know I should have been flattered. Someone saying my hair is pretty is a compliment. But I was tired of people paying more attention to my hair than to me.

On May 7, I started chemotherapy for breast cancer and by the end of the month I’d lost my “long, pretty hair.” But even in its absence, my hair continues to steal the show.