If you’re looking for gift ideas for writers, the See Jane Write Gift Guide has you covered. 

And while you’re searching for ideas for your writing buddy, you’ll probably see some things you’ll want to add to your gift wish list too.

This isn’t your ordinary gift guide for writers because we’ve turned to Charlene J. Lindsay of Shine by Charlene for help. 

Charlene is the Shine of Write & Shine Co. — a collaboration between Shine by Charlene and See Jane Write that produces journal gift boxes and journaling experiences. She’s a pro at giving great gifts and hosting fabulous parties. 

How to Give Great Gifts to Writers

“Chances are most writers wouldn’t mind another journal or nice pens, but writing is deeper and so much more than that,” Charlene says. “So I recommend creating a gift that’s deeper, too. You can do that by focusing on their ‘why’ and what inspires their writing. So instead of gifting to the ‘writer,’ gift to the advocate, the expert, the learner, the dreamer, or whatever passion fuels the words they write.”

Most writers love to read but it can be tough picking out the right book for the writer in your life. Charlene has ideas for that too. 

“For writers who love to read, it can be hard to find a book they’d love that they haven’t read or don’t already own,” she says. “So I’d suggest choosing a book that isn’t necessarily meant to be a page-turner. Gift a book for reference or for inspiration. Give a coffee table book about a place they love or a person they admire. Gift a quote or speech book by someone who inspires them.”

If you decide to stick with the basics and gift a journal or a nice set of pens, Charlene says you can take this up a notch too. 

“To be honest, just about anyone can use a nice journal and pen, but to make the gift extra special, add things to create an experience around writing,” she recommends. “Add tea, a candle, a shower bomb, or even a nice blanket and picnic basket (bonus if you include their favorite snacks) for them to take their writing time outside. So many possibilities!”

7 Gift Ideas for Writers 

Journal Gift Box 

Remember, if you want to gift a journal to the writer in your life, find a way to move beyond basic. One of our Cozy journal gift baskets can help you do that. 

This journal gift basket is designed to help you journal your way to a cozy life, a life where you’re comfortable in your skin, with who you are, and with how you spend your time each day.

Inside the wicker basket, you’ll find a leatherette journal, a luxurious blanket, and 30 journal prompts to help you write your way to your cozy era.


 My book Find Your Way Back: How to Write Your Way Through Anything is a collection of essays that demonstrate how I’ve used writing to cope with everything life has thrown my way — including cancer. And in the book, you’ll also find writing prompts to help you do the same. You can buy signed copies here on the See Jane Write website or if you need your gift fast, you can snag one from Amazon.

As Charlene mentioned before, you could also gift coffee table books, quote books or speech collections.

“If they post a lot of their writing online, have a book of their writing pieces made,” Charlene suggests.  

Framed Prints

Have one of your friend’s poems or a passage of prose framed. Or you could make a framed print of a well-known passage by her favorite author.

Charitable Donations

“Many writers I know write about causes they are passionate about,” Charlene says. “Consider contributing time or money to those causes as your gift. The writer in your life knows their words and their work matter, and that’s a beautiful gift.”

If you’re in the Birmingham area looking to support an organization that promotes the literary arts, check out Desert Island Supply Company (DISCO), a creative writing and arts center that also hosts creative writing camps and other programs for kids. 

Writing Course

If your writing bestie is ready to take her skills to the next level, consider gifting a writing class or digital course. If your friend is interested in writing for magazines, newspapers, and online publications, check out my course See Jane Freelance. Now through Monday, November 27, you can get the course at half price by using the code BLKFRI. 

And now is a great time to get this course for yourself too if you’re interested in writing. In 2024, I will be adding lessons to the course about AI, copywriting, and ghostwriting. So the price of the course is going up. But you can snag it now at this special Black Friday/Cyber Monday price and get access to the new lessons next year at no additional charge. 

2024 Planner

You know how the saying goes — a goal without a plan is just a wish. So help the writer in your life achieve her 2024 writing goals by giving her a top-notch 2024 planner. I’m a huge fan of Day Designer. With its ideal week charts and daily planning pages that help you plan your days hour-by-hour, the flagship planner can help writers plan exactly when they’re going to work on their masterpieces and show them that it’s possible to write and have a life. If having THIS much structure to your day makes you cringe, don’t worry. There are other layouts available too.

Glam for your Gram and More

Okay, let’s be honest. As you’re reading this you’re thinking about things you want to buy for yourself. Elevate your online life with next-level stock photography from HauteStock. If you’re looking for photos featuring women of color, be sure to check out CreateHerStock.

And if it’s time to give your blog a makeover, themes by BluChic can help you create the website of your dreams.

Writing Retreat

Gifting a writing retreat to your friend is a great way to help your gal pal prioritize her creativity and her self-care. My favorite writing retreat is the Busy Bee Writing Retreat for women. The next retreat is set for April 11 – 14, 2024. It will be held at a beautiful lake house in Cedar Bluff, Alabama. I’ll be there and I’d love for you and your writing buddies to join me. 

Get More Help with Your Gift Giving

If you would like help with other loved ones on your list, consider signing up for one of Charlene’s Guided Gifting calls. During these free 20-minute consultations, she will help you identify a gift that will be meaningful and memorable.

“It’s something I’ve done naturally for a long time,” Charlene says of her consultations. “It’s not unusual for friends to call me for gift advice. I believe deeply that gifting is a beautiful way we can show gratitude and support and make those we care about feel valued and loved. For the gifter who is struggling to come up with an idea or the gifter who has a great idea but would like help executing or elevating it, my Guided Gifting consultations are for them and everyone in between.”

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