The Age of Pleasure is here!

Most people know that I’m absolutely obsessed with Beyonce because I’m always talking about her out in these Internet streets. But my IRL friends know that I’m also a huge fan of Janelle Monae and that’s why I’m so excited about her new album The Age of Pleasure which was released today. And when she announced her North American tour and I saw that she was coming to Birmingham I snagged my tickets before they were even officially on sale. (Yup, I got that Fan Presale hook-up.)

Janelle Monae is definitely having a moment right now. People who have never listened to her music before have been rocking “Lipstick Lover” on repeat (or should I say have been watching the video over and over again).

But I’ve been a fan of hers since she took us to Metropolis in 2007. I was convinced I was also The ArchAndroid in 2010 and whenever I need a confidence boost The Electric Lady does the trick. Dirty Computer, released in 2018, gave us a taste of what was coming in The Age of Pleasure it is another go-to album for me (Side note: After I heard “Django Jane” the first time I started declaring Janelle one of my favorite singers and one of my favorite rappers).

But this is not an album review. (You can head to my husband’s blog Soul In Stereo for that). This is me showing you how I’m such a word nerd that I listen to music hoping it will move my muse and inspire journal prompts. And The Age of Pleasure certainly did.

(I should also add that Janelle’s nickname is Jane and my business is called See Jane Write. Also, my ideal client avatar for my business is named Janelle. Coincidence? You decide!)

I’ve been looking forward to Janelle’s new album since the release of the single “Float.” It’s become my anthem for 2023. I declared that my word for this year would be ELEVATE. And to be honest, I was equating that with achieving more, doing more, having more, and being more. But earlier this year I realized that the key to elevating is quite the opposite. I need to do less. I need to stop trying to be everything for everybody and I even need less stuff in my house! Once I’m “light as a feather” as Janelle says, I can float!

And let me say this – I love that Janelle is being so outspoken about her sexuality in her late 30s (although, if you’ve been paying attention to her work, you know this isn’t new). Society has y’all thinking that women just shrivel up and die after 35 but I think that’s when our sexiness goes to another level because we begin to define “sexy” on our own terms and we have learned how to prioritize our own pleasure.

As one fan stated on social media: “Janelle Monae is 37 now. We keep trying to tell y’all that something great happens at 35, even for androids. I know her 40s are gonna be spectacular.”

My hope is that these journal prompts inspired by Janelle Monae’s The Age of Pleasure will help you usher in an age of pleasure of your own.

What do you need to release so that you can be “light as a feather” and float to higher levels?

It’s one year from now and we’re sharing a champagne toast in your honor. What are we celebrating?

Write about the many versions of yourself and why each one is phenomenal. If you don’t feel that they are, what could you do to change that?

How can you prioritize self-love even if and when in a romantic relationship?

What could you do to be more at peace with your body right now?

What could you do to tap into and celebrate your sensual side more?

How could leaning into sensuality boost your creativity?

How could this season of your life be the age of pleasure? How can you prioritize your pleasure during this life stage?

Share your thoughts about Janelle Monae’s The Age of Pleasure in the comments!