Month: November 2022

My Language Is My Land

My language is my land

Each y’all a plot

Of rich red earth 

My drawl the honeysuckle 

Twisting ‘round the links of the fence

Protecting what is mine

My accent the sweetness from the plum trees

And the spice from the peppers of Granny’s backyard

My language is my land

And on it stands 

The house we built 

This room where I call your name

And write to remember my own

Are you a multi-passionate writer?

See Jane Write is a diverse community of multi-passionate women writers.

Are you a multi-passionate writer? 

I certainly am and life for us can be tough. 

When you’re a multi-passionate writer, it can be difficult to find a writing community. In fact, that’s why I started See Jane Write. 


How to Market Your Self-Published Book

How to Market Your Self-Published Book — that was the theme of the 2022 Local Author Expo at the Birmingham Public Library, which I was a part of yesterday.

The event gave me the chance to sell some copies of my book Find Your Way Back and tell local authors about See Jane Write. And three local authors offered their top marketing tips for independent authors.