A few years ago I started a Thanksgiving journaling tradition. While I typically list at least five things I’m grateful for each morning, on Thanksgiving morning I challenge myself to write my gratitude list for five minutes instead.

I continued that tradition today. I’m fortunate enough to have a father who loves to cook. He even worked in a restaurant back in the day. So he handles our holiday meals. My job is to play hostess.

Since I cleaned my house yesterday, I had time for an extended journaling session this morning. My five minutes of gratitude turned into 15 minutes. I set a timer for five minutes but when the time was up, I was still writing. So I set the timer for another five minutes and that happened again. So I went for a total of 15 minutes in all.

What a wonderful way to discover just how truly blessed you are!

Here’s a snippet of today’s journal entry:

I am grateful for the freedom to sit quietly and journal this morning. I am grateful for my home and the warm bed I slept in last night.

I am thankful for my loving husband and my family and friends.

I am so grateful to be cancer free.

I am thankful for the women of the See Jane Write community who trust me with their dreams.

I am grateful that I have been blessed to live the life of my dreams and be a full-time writerpreneur. I am thankful for all of the writing and teaching opportunities that allow me to live this life. I’m blessed that I’m able to write and teach on my own terms.

What are you grateful for today?