Even though I have a long list of things I hope to accomplish before 2022 is over, I’m already thinking about and planning for 2023. 

Mostly, I’m thinking about what I plan to do differently next year.

Launch a new platform. In 2023, I’m trying a new type of long-form content. I’ll always be a blogger but it’s time to diversify my content strategy. I haven’t decided if I’m going to launch a podcast or a YouTube channel, but I hope to make up my mind before I yell “Happy New Year!”

Create content consistently. To be honest, I’ve been blogging and posting to social media pretty haphazardly this year and that has to change. For 2023, I’m going to develop an intentional content strategy and I’m going to stick with it. 

Pitch like crazy. I’ve been fortunate enough to build enough relationships with editors that I don’t do much pitching these days. But if I want to take my freelance writing career to the next level, I’m going to need to seek out new opportunities. So in 2023, I’m committed to pitching all of the publications on my byline bucket list. 

Hire help. Being a solopreneur is fun but it’s also hard work. And if I want See Jane Write LLC to grow, I must stop trying to do everything on my own. 

Write a new book. I’ll still be promoting Find Your Way Back in 2023, but I also plan to write my next book next year. 

Get serious about sponsorships. If I’m going to hire help, I have to make more money so I can pay them! One way I can do this is through sponsorships. I may not have a huge following on Instagram, but I have a highly engaged community on multiple platforms and it’s time I leverage that influence. 

Host more in-person events. See Jane Write began with in-person events in Birmingham. I’m ready to get back to those and excited about hosting events beyond Birmingham too.

Read more books and watch less TV. I have a horrible habit of starting books and never finishing them. I hope to break this habit in 2023 and I think that cutting back on how much television I watch might help. 

Return to poetry. Today I’m mostly known as a journalist, essayist, and blogger, but poetry was my first love. In 2023, I want to become a poet again. 

Apply for more grants. In 2021 I won a grant from the Alabama State Council on the Arts that I used to self-publish my book. And just last week I was awarded a grant for breast cancer survivors that I plan to use to create a new journal gift box. In 2023, I will apply for at least one artist or business grant every month. 

Get my money straight. Budgeting. Investing. Saving. This is just a sampling of the things I need to do in 2023 to get my finances in order. To get inspired, I’m going to read We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers. 

Date my inner artist. In 2023, I will commit to going on weekly artist dates. 

Stop playing small. I have a tendency to shrink when I’m in certain spaces and around certain types of people. And quite frankly, I’m too old for that mess! In 2023, y’all are getting me at full strength all the time. No more Javacia Lite. 

Minimize and orgaznize. I have TOO MUCH STUFF. Too many t-shirts, notebooks, books, digital files, mugs, vases, and I could go on. In 2023, I’m going to prune my possessions and get my house in order.

Commit to authentic spiritual practices. I haven’t attended church regularly since early 2020 but I still want to remain connected to my Creator. But I must do so in a way that feels authentic to me and not force myself to engage in religious rituals just because they’re the status quo. In 2023, I will develop and commit to the spiritual practices that are right for me. 

Find fellowship. Even if returning to church isn’t for me, I would like to find a way to have regular communion with others who believe in a higher power. 

Travel more. When I travel I lose myself and find myself all at once. In 2023, I will get out of town as much as I possibly can. 

Revive my regimens. My morning routine and nighttime routine used to be non-negotiable. Lately, I’ve been sacrificing both. In 2023, I want to get back to these precious practices that nourish my spirit.

Allow others to pour into me. I spend so much time pouring into others and holding space for others that I sometimes feel as if I’m running on E. In 2023, I’m going to take more writing workshops, go to meditation classes, and more so that I’m not out here trying to pour from an empty cup. 

Set better boundaries. Another way I can make sure I’m not letting the well of my creative energy run dry is by setting clear boundaries with all of the people in my life and honoring each one of them. 

Dance. I believe all writers need a hobby – something creative that they do just for fun with no plans to ever monetize it. For me, that’s dancing. In 2023, I want to take a dance class so I can return to something I’ve loved since I was a child. 

Pick a horse and ride it. As a multi-passionate writer, I have a serious case of shiny object syndrome and I have a terrible time making decisions. I always have so many ideas and things I want to try that I have trouble choosing what to focus on first or sticking with my choice once I’ve made a decision. In 2023, I’m going to choose one thing to be my top goal for the year and I’m going to commit to making that goal my top priority for 365 days.

Collaborate. Community over competition is one of my mantras. And in an effort to practice what I preach, in 2023, I will be looking for more creative ways to collaborate with other writers. 

What do you plan to do differently next year?