Each year, I challenge any blogger who wants to play along to join me in publishing a new blog post every day for 30 days in the month of November. I call this challenge #BlogLikeCrazy and I’m so glad that each year several brave bloggers step up to the challenge.

Today I salute the 2020 #BlogLikeCrazy All-Stars — the bloggers who succeeded in giving their readers new content every day in November.

Cherith Fluker of WhatCherithInks.com

WhatCherithInks is a lifestyle blog that Cherith Fluker curates to share her personal journey to happiness in hopes of inspiring you to take a journey to joy of your own. Topics covered include travel, family, beauty, and food. And you’ll find reviews of products and services, too.

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Kaira Boston of Studio Kaira

Kaira Boston is an artist who creates art to support the introspective process of learning about our layers and the white space that allows us to create new desired layers. Her online journal is a source of inspiration for artists, writers, and anyone else who’s ready to explore the many layers of life.

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Taylor Kay Hawkins of Watch Taylor Write

Taylor Kay Hawkins is a writer and blogger based in Clanton, Alabama who loves writing local and covering stories from the community that raised her. Get a look inside her everyday life and lessons she’s learned along the way through her blog Watch Taylor Write.

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LaTasha Toney of It’s Tasha’s Corner

LaTasha Toney’s blog is a place for women of all ages to be encouraged, educated, empowered and equipped.  Topics covered include mental health, faith and how to navigate through life. 

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Charity Hubbard of Burnt Toast and Coffee

Charity’s blog is a place for genuine, inspirational conversations to help and encourage others in this adventure called life. Whether you need help getting yourself out of a funk, learning to love what you do, or just shifting your perspective on life – Burnt Toast and Coffee can give you the boost you need.

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C.J. Wade of The Write Wade

Christina “CJ” Wade is the writer behind The Write Wade. Whether she’s discussing writing or relationships, exploring the power of words, or examining the messages of movement, Christina’s blog at The Write Wade is all about communication and “listening at the speed of life.” For this year’s #BlogLikeCrazy challenge, she did a captivating series of open letters.

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Mandy Shunnarah of Off the Beaten Shelf

Mandy Shunnarah is a writer who reads over a hundred books a year and she’s the woman behind Off the Beaten Shelf, which she describes as a book blog for the reader who likes a literary sampler plate. If you’re looking for discussions of book nerd culture, book reviews, musings on writing, and commentary on the book world, this is the blog for you. And Mandy’s not afraid to tackle tough topics either and she will always tell it like it is. She says, “I’m basically your favorite f-bomb dropping high school English teacher you always wanted to have a beer with.

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Catherine Petrini of The Petrini Page

Catherine’s blog The Petrini Page chronicles the “Life and Times of a Writer, Mom, and Grammar Goddess.” She also regularly posts the birthdays of well-known writers.

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Beka Harmon of Beka Harmon Writes

Fun fact — Beka Harmon launched her blog for the 2020 #BlogLikeCrazy challenge! And during the challenge she wrote about learning to code, video games, local outdoors in Western North Carolina, local establishments around Asheville, North Carolina and her dog Buster.

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Betty H. Smith

Betty H. Smith is a writer, published author, and Sunday school teacher who wants you to live your dreams. Her blog is all about encouraging you to do just that. She also doesn’t shy away from discussing her faith, current events, social issues, and more. For the #BlogLikeCrazy challenge she also gave readers a look into her hometown of Greensboro, Alabama, and country upbringing.

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LaKisha Cargill of Sizable Chic

LaKisha’s blog Sizable Chic is all about living a chic life one outfit, one dish, one trip, and one word at a time. LaKisha blogs about food and fashion, travel and style but she also shares her journey as a writer and more.

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Kristina Hamlett

Kristina Hamlett’s blog chronicles her writing and wellness journey to inspire and educate her readers who are on personal journeys of their own. This was Kristina’s fourth year being a part of the #BlogLikeCrazy challenge!

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Teresa Zuniga Odom of Southern Senora

Teresa of Southern Senora is a Latina of Mexican-American descent who’s been living in Birmingham, Alabama since the early 1980s. Her blog explores Hispanic culture, lifestyle and experiences in Alabama.

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Dareise Jones

Dareise Jones is a writer, blogger, educator and speaker dedicated to using her gift of storytelling and teaching to inspire, heal and empower. Her lifestyle blog discusses pop culture, travel, wellness, and her life as a writer and performer.

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Head to Perle Champion’s blog to follow her inspiring life as a writer, artist, and photographer. Whether she’s encouraging you to write, create, shop local, or go for a walk — Perle will move your muse.

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Jessica Furniss of Spiffy Eats and Giggle Water

Jessica is a food writer and photographer whose blog offers plenty of recipes and photography tips but lots of food for the soul, too. She’s not afraid to delve into topics like food freedom, body image, and more.

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Teresa Marita McGuire of As for Me

Teresa Marita McGuire is a writer who strives to provide emotional experiences through the eyes of an African-American woman who dares to “love hard.” She does this through poetry and her blog As for Me. She may have missed posting a couple of days but when she did she published two posts the following day to make up for it. So, we salute her for sticking with it!

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Congratulations to all of the 2020 #BlogLikeCrazy All-Stars!