Brace yourself. I’m about to blog about journaling – again. A few months ago on Instagram, I stumbled upon the Same Page Journal, a couples journal designed by husband and wife team Alex and Caitlin Godwin to help couples practice healthy and intentional communication.

Time with my journal and time with my boo? Sign me up!

When the journal launched in October, I was one of the first customers to purchase! (I know this because I received an extra journal for free for being an early bird. I’m thinking of doing a giveaway. Stay tuned!)

How the Same Page Journal Works

You and your bae are to try to journal once a week. Each week has a set of questions divided into three sections: reflection, communication, and connection.

Reflection questions are meant to help you reflect on the previous week – what happened, what went well, and what didn’t. Communication questions prompt you to celebrate victories but also discuss any unresolved issues that have been weighing you down. Connection questions encourage you to look ahead to next week. What are you looking forward to and what can you do to be more intentional in your relationship?

The Same Page Journal also includes theme and challenges and if you’ve known me for five minutes you know I LOVE a challenge and I think themes make the world go ‘round. Each theme last for four weeks and have a challenge to go with it. Themes include topics like goals, intimacy, and conflict resolution.

The Same Page Journal also features a monthly check-in. Every four weeks you’ll review a checklist to reflect on how the past month has been.

I’m really looking forward to starting this journal with hubster. But what struck me as I was reading through the introductory pages was that these weekly check-ins are things that we should not only be doing with our partners but with ourselves, too! Imagine how being this intentional about checking in with ourselves each week could improve our self-care and self-love! I’ve decided I’m going to use many of these questions in my solo journaling time as well.

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Visit the Same Page Journal website to learn more and be sure to follow the Same Page Journal on Instagram for free journal prompts.

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