The caption beneath Betty Smith’s photo should read: “If consistency were a person.”

In 2018 Betty signed up for my coaching program because she wanted help with launching a blog. Each week I gave her tasks to do and each week she completed everything I asked her to do. Soon her site was ready to go. And we had a launch party with her family and friends to celebrate.

Eventually, Betty joined the See Jane Write Collective and her consistency shines through as a member, too. She shows up for write-in sessions, critique sessions, group coaching sessions, and more — always eager to help out and encourage her fellow writers and bloggers.

Her consistency has helped her self-publish two books, post new content to her blog each week, and write personal essays.

And her consistency is why she’s the See Jane Write Member of the Month for November 2020.

Read on to learn more about Betty H. Smith!

Betty and I at her blog launch party.

So, what’s your secret? How do you stay so consistent with your blog?

Blogging gives me a sense of achievement and a win when there are so many other things I can’t control.

For people who are new to your work, what kind of content can people expect to find on your blog? 

The content is designed to encourage and inspire readers to awaken and energize dormant and deferred aspirations, no matter their age.

How do you come up with ideas for your blog? 

I get ideas by perusing the internet, magazines, reading devotionals, and watching television.

Tell us more about the books you’ve written.

My first book is Room for Love and Faith: The Shunammite’s Blessing – this book tells readers about a much-needed commodity that much of the world lacks, LOVE. In the story, the Shunammite woman added on a room for Elisha. This prophet often passed her house when traveling. Because of her love and generosity, Elisha granted her a prophet’s blessing or son in her old age. In the book, I use the biblical story of the Shunammite woman to teach lessons about love, faith, and perseverance.

My second book is Sandra Bland 2.0: Racist Policing in America. The book places the reader in the passenger’s seat of Sandra Bland’s infamous traffic stop. They witness State Trooper Brian Encinia pull Sandra’s freedom over her head as if it were a stolen blouse from Macy’s. Why was Sandra stopped, bullied, brutalized, and hauled off to jail? The book explores why racist police officers’ discretion results in unnecessary lethal force during seatbelt, busted tail light, and other minor traffic stops.

I wrote this book as a protest against Blacks’ victimization in America and a commentary about racist policing. Sandra Bland mattered! Black Lives Matter!  

What are you working on now? 

I am writing and reading books to prepare for my next writing goal — my first novel.

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