Years ago I started a feature on the blog for which I would list 30 things I love. It’s basically a chance for me to give you a peek into my gratitude journal, which seems appropriate on the eve of Thanksgiving Day.

Recently, I shared with you what life is really like for a freelance writer and I showed you that freelancing is hard work! But it’s also very rewarding and a whole lot of fun.

So, today I’m sharing with you 30 things I love about freelance writing.

  1. As a freelancer, I get to write for a living — on my own terms.
  2. I only work on stories I actually want to write.
  3. The freelance life means a life of slow mornings.
  4. My commute to work is a short walk from my bedroom to my home office.
  5. My work uniform consists of leggings and my favorite t-shirts.
  6. If I want to take a day in the middle of the week, I can.
  7. If I want to go for a walk in the middle of the day, I can do that, too.
  8. I can catch up on my favorite TV shows during my lunch break.
  9. I now have the time and the mental space to work on building the See Jane Write blog, brand, and community into what I want them to be.
  10. Seeing my byline still brings me joy. Even after doing this work for 20 years — seeing my name in print never gets old.
  11. Sometimes I like to visit my author page at websites like StyleBlueprint and Babypalooza and just admire my body of work.
  12. Local journalist Abbey Crain once said, “If you live in Birmingham, you’ve probably read something written by Javacia,” and I felt as if I’d just won a medal.
  13. Writing for local publications like The Birmingham Times helps me fall in love with my hometown over and over again.
  14. Writing for regional publications like Good Grit reminds me why I’m proud to be a southern girl.
  15. And writing for national online publications like HerMoney and reminds my I’m proud to be a good girl gone freelance.
  16. I love sending invoices.
  17. I love receiving emails that read “Invoice Paid.”
  18. If I want to chat with someone I admire, I can simply pitch a profile on the person and my story assignment becomes the ultimate icebreaker.
  19. I love outlining stories with Post-It notes.
  20. I love brainstorming story ideas.
  21. Scrolling Instagram for ideas never feels like work, even though it technically is.
  22. Chatting with other writers on Instagram doesn’t feel like networking, even though it’s exactly that.
  23. Sharing my days with you on Instagram Stories keeps WFH life from getting lonely.
  24. I love getting emails from readers who enjoy reading my work.
  25. I love the feeling I get when a source says that talking to me was the best interview they’ve ever had.
  26. And emails from editors saying they enjoy working with me make my day.
  27. I love cleaning my home office while blasting “It’s My House” by Diana Ross.
  28. Freelancing gives me time to build my personal brand as a writer, which has helped me land paid brand collaborations.
  29. I love daydreaming about getting a new car and a personalized license plate that reads FRLANCR.
  30. I love living my freelancing dream and helping you do the same.

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