#BlogLikeCrazy is always a great time to bring back my 15 Confessions feature. Let’s go!

  1. I’ve been in love with blogging since 2008. But I think in 2020 I’m going to cheat on blogging with podcasting.
  2. I’ve thought about starting a YouTube channel, too, but I keep wondering if I’m too old.
  3. When I moved out of my classroom in May I filled my home office with several boxes and bags of stuff that I couldn’t make myself throw away. Six months later my office is still a mess.
  4. I am extremely productive working from home but I eat ALL DAY LONG!
  5. I know I need to join a co-working space to help grow my network (and shrink my waistline), but working without a bra is a beautiful thing.
  6. Sometimes I wonder if I really want to write a book or if I just feel like I should.
  7. A few days ago a stranger stopped me and asked, “Hey! Aren’t you a writer? I think I’ve read your work.” And I nearly exploded with joy.
  8. I want 10,000 followers on Instagram just so I can have the freaking swipe up!
  9. I easily get bored with everything and everybody— including myself. Currently, I want to move, rebrand, and give myself a makeover. But just thinking of doing any of these exhausts me.
  10. I hate cold weather mostly because it keeps me from enjoying early morning walks in my neighborhood.
  11. I recently wrote a column declaring that I’ve finally learned to love Christmas, but I think I might have been lying to myself and my readers.
  12. I tithe religiously— pun intended— but sometimes it feels like I’m trying to bribe God to bless me despite the fact I hardly ever go to church.
  13. A part of me believes that in 2020 I should focus more on myself than my career but then another part of me believes if I do that I will end up broke AF.
  14. I can’t wait to turn 39 next year but only because I’m excited to start my 40 before 40 challenge.
  15. I’m completely addicted to challenges.

What do you have to confess?