Florida-based author and blogger Lisa E. Williams believes that every soul has a language. Like any language, it’s one learned and developed over time, one determined by our environment. She believes our soul “speaks” its language through our behavior.

Lisa admits that many of her old behaviors were derived from fear, pain, and rejection and these behaviors crippled many of her relationships.

That is until she got some “soul training.”

Lisa’s new book, Soul Training, chronicles her journey toward healing and, believe it or not, the role her dog, Hershey, played in this healing. Lisa says there’s likely a person, place, or animal in your environment that can expand or reshape your thinking in an area of your life, too.

Lisa isn’t satisfied with only finding healing for herself. She’s determined to help other women, too. She hosts events and creates content meant to help women pursue their passions and build healthy relationships.

This is one of the many reasons Lisa is the October See Jane Write Member of the Month.

Congratulations on your new book! Tell us more about Soul Training.

Soul Training is the book that expresses some of the hardest years of my life and how I transitioned with the help of God, my dog, an excellent mentor, therapist, and friends. Each chapter title is a dog training command and contains stories and parallel lessons I learned as I trained Hershey. It’s not meant to be “How To” as if I’m perfect but outlines my mishaps and what I believe the source of my behaviors were.

What tips would you offer to someone who wants to write a book but is struggling with finding the time, the inspiration, or the courage?

My biggest tip would be to begin with one day a week. Most writers I heard from had a daily habit. With a 9 to 5, I couldn’t commit to that. I’m not an early riser like you, Javacia. But I could fully commit to one day a week. And that habit helped me press in on other days when I had time, but when I didn’t, I didn’t fret. I knew I had my “writing day” coming.

Tell us more about your blog and the kinds of content people can find at Life with Lisa E.

My blog theme has been evolving, but for the most part, I share the life lessons I’ve learned over the years. I hope folks find it’s transparent in a learn-from-my-mistakes kind of way, as well as entertaining.

Tell us more about the events you host in Florida. Do you find that doing so boosts your writing or at least your platform as a writer in any way?

Most of the events I do aren’t writer-centered, but what’s helpful to my writing is the way that ladies I meet ask about what I’m doing. There is always a benefit to building community that’s encouraging in various areas of life, but particularly in the area of our dreams.

What do you enjoy most about being a member of See Jane Write?

I’m learning more and more about the benefit of community. I have notoriously been a “Lone Ranger” type of girl, relying mostly on books or internet research or information. Writing, and See Jane Write, has shown me the benefits of community, although virtual. I love the virtual roundtables, the sharing of ideas, and especially the laughs and congratulations we share within our group when there’s good, and the boosts we get when there’s not-so-good.

Where can we order your book?

You can order directly from my site at http://www.soultrainingbook.com or from Amazon. It’s also available on Amazon Kindle.

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