It’s time for another 15 confessions!

  1. I think about quitting everything every day.
  2. I actually wasn’t planning to do #bloglikecrazy this year until people started telling me how much they were looking forward to it.
  3. I love superhero movies and TV shows because I’m convinced I have special powers.
  4. When complete strangers call me sweetie I want to punch them in the throat to show them just how sweet I am.
  5. If I were 21 I’d try out for the WWE Women’s division.
  6. I eat like a frat boy some days.
  7. I curse like a sailor most days.
  8. I got 99 bobby pins, but I can’t find one.
  9. I hate Christmas.
  10. I don’t like surprises.
  11. People always ask me how I got to be as confident as I am, but I’m actually insecure about almost everything I do.
  12. I have probably seen every single episode of Law & Order SVU and NCIS.
  13. I feel closer to God when I go running than when I go to church.
  14. I think I’ve gained back nearly every pound I lost this summer.
  15. I, too, wonder, Do white people have cousins? 

What do you have to confess?