“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” – Proverbs 29:18

We’re 7 days into March, the month that should be all about crushing my 1st quarter goals, but instead I feel as if my goals and everything else in my life are all crushing me!

Lately, I have felt so uninspired and this has hampered my ability to write and blog. Because I help the women of See Jane Write with this issue all the time I know exactly what my problem is: I lack vision.

I began this year with a clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish by December 21. But lately I’ve been questioning everything.

So I’m going back to the drawing board, as they say, and I’m rewriting my vision. I’m giving myself permission to slow down this month to make sure I know where I’m going.

In case you need to rewrite your vision, too, here are the steps I plan to take.

  1. Revisit and reread my current vision. In 2015 I worked with a business coach to write a seven-page vision for my life and career. I’m going to first revisit this to see what passages still set my soul on fire.
  2. Imagine my ideal day. To get clear on what I really want, I’m going to give myself 30 minutes to describe what a typical day is like in the life of my dreams.
  3. Dream big. At the end of last year I started a dream jar. I wrote each of my wildest dreams on slips of paper and placed them in a jar, trusting that they would all come true. I am going to start spending a bit of time each day reading some of these dreams and visualizing what it look and feel like when each one comes to fruition.
  4. Make a plan. Once I am clear on my vision, it will be time to get to work because a goal without a plan is just a wish. With the help of my business coach, I will develop a 90-Day plan designed to help get me closer to the life of my dreams.
  5. Keep an attitude of gratitude. Sometimes I get so caught up dreaming about the life I want I forget to be thankful for the wonderful life I already have. During this time of revamping my vision I’m going to make a habit of making a list of all I’m grateful for each day.

Write the vision. Make it plain.