Don’t hate me, but I have an idea for yet another challenge for the women of See Jane Write.

This month I’m challenging you to #bloglikecrazy, to publish a new blog post every day for 30 days. But one month soon I’m going to challenge you to #pitchlikecrazy.

You can blame Roni Faida Clark of This weekend at the 8th annual Blogalicious conference Roni led a value-packed workshop called “How to Pitch Like a Pro” at which she gave 10 tips for pitching to brands.

During her talk Roni recommended that bloggers pitch brands at least 3 times a week. The See Jane Write members at my table and I all gasped. Then, Roni added, “Actually you should be pitching daily.”

Edges snatched.

So go on and get ready because one month in 2017 I will be challenging you to send a pitch every day for 30 days.

Roni the Travel Guru

Here are Roni’s top 10 tips for pitching brands:

1. Decide if you want to hit it and quit it or if you want a relationship. Hear me out. Roni says it’s important to determine if you want to work with a brand just once or if you want to build a relationship with that brand so that you can continue to work with them in the future. That said, when you send your pitch don’t overload your contact with every collaboration idea you have in mind.

2. Pitch to your pay grade. In other words, be sure that you are pitching something that matches your audience. If your readers come to your blog because you offer tips on how to shop on a budget, a sponsored post for a high end designer won’t make much sense.

3. Pitch to what is familiar. Look around your home and make note of all the things you love and use regularly, Roni says. Start pitching those brands for free products.

4. Don’t sweat a “No.” A “No” could just mean “Not right now” or “Not yet,” Roni says. If you really love the product do a post on it anyway and you may be able to capture the brand’s attention with your post.

5. Don’t worry about your numbers. It’s OK to pitch brands if you have low numbers as long as you can have high influence. In your pitch provide proof — such as conversion rates — that shows that your tribe is willing to spend money on something just because you endorsed the product. Remember you can also leverage your social media reach and email list. If your numbers are low offer to do more for the brand (i.e. a video, an Instagram image, a blog post, and an email blast). If you’re still nervous about pitching to large brands, start with local businesses instead.

6. Be brief. Don’t send an email sharing your whole life story. People are busy. Get to the point. Simply state who you are, why you love the brand, and what you can do for this brand.

7. Be specific. As a travel blogger, Roni knows better than to reach out to the Hilton and simply say, “I’m looking hotel in New York.” Instead she explains the hotel in which she wants a complimentary stay and even the kind of room she wants.

8. Do your research. Be sure that the brand aligns with your values. if you’re a vegan blogger, you probably shouldn’t partner with a cosmetics line that tests on animals.

9. Do even more research to show you’re knowledgable about the product/brand. Use details about the product in your pitch. Show that you are aware of who the brand is and what the brand does.

10. Pitch often. Again, Roni recommends sending at least three pitches a week and says ideally bloggers should send pitches every day. “You have to be diligent with what you want,” Roni says.

What tips for pitching to brands do you have?