Whether you woke up this morning elated or devastated by last night’s election results, here is one thing I want us all to celebrate: See Jane Write member Jennifer Dome King has just released her first book, a book that grew from her blog. And I hope her story will inspire you to soon write a book of your own.


As a blogger, freelance writer, and full-time magazine editor Jennifer spends her days engrossed in words. But lately there’s one word in particular that has her attention. Jennifer is on a mission to redefine the word “fat.”

Jennifer recently released her self-published book Fat Girl Power, which takes a look at how she, as a plus-size woman, found self-confidence through fashion and fitness.

Jennifer understands that the title of her book may make some people uncomfortable.

“I won’t lie—sometimes when I hear other people call someone else fat, I still find offense in that word, but it’s usually because of the connotation of how other people are using it,” Jennifer says. “For me, it’s just a descriptor. It’s just I have more fat than other people. It doesn’t mean all these other things that people say the word fat means like being lazy or gluttonous.”

So what is fat girl power? “I wanted to embrace the word fat and say that despite what you might weigh you are powerful and you can feel good about yourself no matter what you look like,” Jennifer says.


Jennifer’s book Fat Girl Power is inspired by her blog Stellar Fashion and Fitness, through which King shares musings on her personal style, the latest fashion trends, and her fitness and weight loss journey, as well as commentary on body image issues and the fashion industry’s tendency to alienate plus-size women.

You can read more about Jennifer in my latest column for B-Metro.

Jennifer is a long-time member of See Jane Write and she recently told me that being a member of this organization helped her take the most compelling posts and ideas from her blog and turn them into a full-length book.

Jennifer had some of the chapters of her books edited at the members-only critique sessions and says she wouldn’t have had so much blog material to pull from in the first place had it not been for See Jane Write challenges such as #bloglikecrazy which have helped her produce more content.

“What See Jane Write has helped me with most is to believe that something like publishing my own book would even be possible,” she says. “I learned about self-publishing, plus how to market my blog and book, through See Jane Write workshops, coaching or from other members. Having this group as a resource is invaluable, not only for the practical side of what to do and how to do it, but for the cheerleaders who have your back every step of the way.”

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