Month: January 2016

How Blogging Can Boost Your Confidence

bareface selfie
Yes, I’m confident enough to post a bare face selfie!

“The best way to develop confidence is to become good at something and get yourself in front of people who appreciate it.” – Oliver Emberton

I believed the lie. I thought that the moment I turned 30 confidence would come upon me like a Puritan conversion. But 30 came and went I still found myself struggling with the same insecurities that plagued me in my 20s and even my teen years.

But today, less than one month away from my 35th birthday, I find myself more confident than I have ever been and more confident than I ever thought I’d be.


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Resolutions for Women Who Write

resolutions for women who write
Image via B-Metro

If you are a woman writer, this year resolve to write—by any means necessary. You are a writer and perhaps you are also a wife, a mother, a sister, or a career woman. You are a writer and most likely you are also a daughter, a lover, and a friend. Last year there were probably very few days when you failed to mother or to love or to be the best employee, boss, or homemaker that you could be. You may not have been perfect, but you always gave it your all.

But last year there were probably many days when you failed to write. You didn’t go to that workshop you wanted to attend. You didn’t write that poem, story, or essay in your head. You didn’t jot down those ideas you had for a compelling new character or a captivating new blog post. You didn’t write because you just didn’t have the time, because you were busy being a good mother, lover, wife, sister, daughter, or friend. You were busy being the best employee, boss, or homemaker that you could be. You couldn’t carve out time to write, you told yourself, because that would be selfish.

But you were wrong.

Maybe you’re hesitant to call yourself a writer because it’s been so long since you did spend hours at your favorite coffee shop writing in your journal or working on your blog. It’s been too long since you’ve spent a day at your computer drafting the next chapter of your novel. Perhaps you’ve never done these things.

But you are a writer. So this year, resolve to write…

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Member of the Month: Brie Cash

brie cash 2

The See Jane Write member of the month is Brie Cash of the I Am Woman Network.

When I met Brie last year, I had no idea she was facing so many hardships because, quite frankly, she always looks fabulous.

But as the old saying goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

“I have spent the last year and a half in a nasty custody battle,” Brie shares. “Most of 2015 I was homeless going from friend to friend.”

But from these hardships was born an idea — the I Am Woman Network.

“I prayed for purpose and He gave me a vision that is leading to my purpose,” Brie says, explaining that the I Am Woman Network exists to “equip and empower women to live purposefully.”


Self-Care is a Feminist Issue

self care pic

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” – Audre Lorde

Last year See Jane Write almost killed me.

I put so much time and effort into building See Jane Write into a business — while still teaching full time and taking care of family matters — that I often sacrificed sleeping, eating, and exercising for the sake of work.

And, of course, I got sick. Very sick. My body is still healing from all the damage done. But I’ve promised my body I will never hurt it that way again.

This year I promise to take care of myself and I’ve realized that to do so is a feminist act.