bareface selfie
Yes, I’m confident enough to post a bare face selfie!

“The best way to develop confidence is to become good at something and get yourself in front of people who appreciate it.” – Oliver Emberton

I believed the lie. I thought that the moment I turned 30 confidence would come upon me like a Puritan conversion. But 30 came and went I still found myself struggling with the same insecurities that plagued me in my 20s and even my teen years.

But today, less than one month away from my 35th birthday, I find myself more confident than I have ever been and more confident than I ever thought I’d be.

Recently, a woman asked me how I became so confident. She asked me if being a teacher had anything to do with it and I realized that it does. As a high school English teacher I must have confidence to stand before a room full of teenagers every day and attempt to hold their attention while discussing poetry, Poe and Puritan literature.

But lately I’ve realized that See Jane Write has a lot to do with my confidence, too.

You see, even though the idea that confidence magically comes with your 30th birthday is false, writer Oliver Emberton’s ideas on confidence are absolutely true: “The best way to develop confidence is to become good at something get yourself in front of people who appreciate it.” This is exactly what I have done through See Jane Write.

Because of See Jane Write I got better at blogging and even better at teaching as I started leading workshops to teach women how to blog and a build business. And because the women of See Jane Write really appreciate the lessons I have to offer, my confidence in the last year or so has skyrocketed.

And so today I’m here to teach something else. If you’re struggling with confidence don’t focus on your low self-esteem, your faults, or your flaws. Instead focus on your passion. Get really good at something you love — like blogging. Become an expert in your niche. And find readers who really appreciate the insight you have to share.

This is the beginning of cultivating confidence and soon you’ll find that you feel great about yourself even when you’re doing something that has absolutely nothing to do with blogging and even when the only fan you have around is yourself.

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