Month: September 2015

4 Investments Lady Bloggers Should Make This Month

invest in yourself

If you want to turn your blog into a business, you need to act like it! And one of the things you’ll need to do is invest in your blog and invest in yourself. Here are 4 investments you should consider making this month:

Lady Blogger to Boss Lady E-Course

lady blogger to boss lady

Enrollment for my new e-course Lady Blogger to Boss Lady opens Saturday. This 7-week course will help you develop your best blog yet and show you how to turn that blog into a business without relying on ad sales or sponsored posts. A value of $497, I’m offering this beta version of the course for only $75! Plus, if you sign up for my Lady Blogger VIP list you’ll receive a discount. If you’ll be in the Birmingham area Saturday, Sept. 12, be sure to register for my Lady Blogger to Boss Lady kickoff event for an even BIGGER discount. (Only 6 tickets remaining for this free event.)

Social Media Training

carrie social media
Nothing says social media like photographing food!

Writer, blogger and social media maven Carrie Rollwagen is offering a social media workshop on Saturday, Sept. 19 specifically for those building a small business or personal brand. The workshop is  an overview of social media marketing and an introduction to all kinds of social media tools. This daylong session will help you find the social media strategy that’s right for your small business or personal brand and give you the inspiration to get started. Topics covered include: Managing websites and blogs; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest; basic keyword optimization techniques; scheduling and organizing; and much more. Tickets are $100 and include lunch. Use the code BHAMJANES for a 20% discount. Class meets Saturday, September 19 at Innovation Depot from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Innovation Depot is located 1500 1st Ave N #31, Birmingham, AL 35203. Get more details and register here:

A Self-Hosted Site

Moving to a self-hosted WordPress site was one of the best investments I ever made in my blog and business. After revamping my website people instantly started to take me and See Jane Write more seriously. If you need help setting up your self-hosted site, WPBeginner offers a free service through which they’ll do it for you FOR FREE as long as you purchase your web hosting using one of their affiliate links. Get more information here.

A Theme As Lovely As You Are

Perhaps you already have a self-hosted WordPress site, but you’re just not happy with the look of your blog. BluChic can help with that. BluChic offers beautiful WordPress themes designed specifically with female bloggers and business owners in mind. I use a BluChic theme for the See Jane Write website and my portfolio site. Themes are $79 and BluChic offers a number of other design elements, too. Click here to visit Bluchic (affiliate link).

I know that investing in all four of these in one month may not be feasible for most people. So decide which investment will be most beneficial for your blog and your business and go for it!

How will you invest in your blog and business this month? 


A Day of Blogging and Barbecue

nothing will work unless you do

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Full Moon Bar-B-Que, but all opinions are my own.

Happy Labor Day Lady Bloggers, Boss Ladies, and Writeous Babes!

My Labor Day will live up to its name as I will be hard at work all day. I have blog posts to write, emails to answer, and events to plan. And, of course, I’ll be preparing for the launch of my new e-course Lady Blogger to Boss Lady. Can you believe enrollment opens THIS SATURDAY?!

Just because I’m working all day today doesn’t mean you should, too. My days of calling myself Javacia “No Days Off” Bowser are long gone. Even a girl boss needs to take a break. The only reason I’m spending my holiday working is because I didn’t do any work AT ALL this weekend.

In fact, I spent most of Saturday watching college football. ROLL TIDE!

roll tide

Just as runners training for a marathon (or football players prepping for a big game) need to take rest days, so do women chasing their dreams.

I know that when you’re doing what you love it can sometimes actually be tough to take a break. A labor of love doesn’t feel like work. But a break is important nonetheless.

I used to have an all-work, no-play attitude. Then I hit the wall. I broke down. I got burned out and discouraged and wanted to quit EVERYTHING. Even my health was affected. It was not pretty and a lot of crying was involved.

After that I committed to taking off one day every week and that has made all the difference. I think you’ll find it actually makes you better at what you do. Writers and artists call these breaks a creative pause because as you’re resting you’re actually allowing your creativity to flow more freely. So when you get back to work your ideas will be bigger and better.

I don’t always keep my promise to myself to take a day off and when I don’t I certainly notice a difference — the tears and self-doubt quickly come back.

Even today I took a break from my to-do list to grab lunch at Full Moon Bar-B-Que with the hubster because no holiday is complete without barbecue.

FullMoonBBQ Break

edd and his ribs

This fall I will most likely spend my days off watching football…and eating barbecue. If that sounds like a good idea to you, too, be sure to check out Full Moon’s tailgate menus specially designed for Alabama and Auburn fans.

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Quad menu 2015

Quad menu 2015 2

Auburn Tailgate Menu Auburn Tailgate Menu 2

How did you spend your Labor Day? What do you do on your days off?