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Tuesday night I hosted the first See Jane Write Roundtable. A small group of women gathered at Revelator Coffee Company to discuss one thing: “What is your biggest frustration right now with regard to writing, blogging, or entrepreneurship?” But this was no pity party. The goal was for each woman to leave with at least one action step to help her overcome the obstacle in her way. And after getting feedback from the participants I realized they left with an action plan and so much more.

“Gathering with a group of women, many whom I did not know, I had no idea that I would walk away feeling so inspired on my own writing journey, but also so excited for the creativity coming out of See Jane Write,” says Jennifer Dome King of the blog Stellar Fashion and Fitness. “Everyone is so enthusiastic and focused on the dreams they shared, if sometimes a bit timid as to whether we can actually accomplish what we desire. But the encouragement and advice I received at the Roundtable made it clear that with the work and dedication, we really can see these dreams come true. It’s so great to have powerful, supportive women like this to turn to!”

Brie Cash of the blog I Am Woman declared, “I even made a new friend!”

One participant said the See Jane Write Roundtable was a “spiritual experience.”

Meagan Saia of the blog Life of Owen, called it “magical.”

“What was most impressive to me about these women writers is how different we all were, and yet so similar,” Meagan wrote in her recap of the event. “Not only were our outward appearances different but age and jobs and more. So many differences. And yet we were all there for the same reason: to continue to ignite our passion and tell our story.”

The evening reminded me of See Jane Write’s very first event, a gathering of only about a dozen women crowded around a table at a local Mexican restaurant discussing writing and what we would want out of a writing group. See Jane Write has come a long way since those humble beginnings and has grown from a small writing group into a thriving network of hundreds of women. To sustain See Jane Write I’ve had to transform this venture of mine from a hobby into a business, but my vision and mission remain the same: I believe every woman has a story worth sharing. I also believe in sisterhood and I believe that sometimes it takes sisterhood to give a woman the courage to share the story she carries in her heart.  


I left the event wondering what I could do to foster and facilitate more “magical” and “spiritual” experiences for women writers, but also an experience that would help them accomplish significant professional and personal goals. I have an idea, but it’s HUGE and, therefore, scary. I plan to announce the details soon but today I want to announce that Sisterhood of the Traveling Pens is coming back!

If you’re new to See Jane Write you have no idea what I’m talking about, so let me explain. I believe we all need support to accomplish our goals and so I started helping women find writing partners. My pal Erin Shaw Street jokingly said, “It’s like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pens!” I took that name and ran with it.

At Tuesday’s event most of the women there said they felt they needed a writing or accountability partner. Through the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pens I will help you find a writing, blogging or business buddy. This can be someone you meet with regularly simply to sit in your favorite coffee shop and write for a few hours, whether you’re working on your blog or your next book. This could be someone who keeps you accountable to make sure you’re building your business as you should be. Or maybe you’re working on a memoir or novel and you need someone to give you an honest critique of your work. You and your writing, blogging, or business buddy will determine the purpose of your partnership, how often you’ll meet, etc. My job is just to help you find each other.

If you are interested in finding a writing, blogging, or business buddy email me at javacia@seejanewritebham.com and I will send you a list of questions I need you to answer so I find the best partner for you.

Please note that this service is only open to See Jane Write members. If you’re not sure if your membership has expired, email me. If you know you’re not a member and would like to join you may do so here.

I’m ready to play match maker so let’s do this!