Become an official SJW member — if not for me, for Hello Kitty.

When I started See Jane Write Birmingham in March 2011, my hope was to create an independent, grassroots organization that offered free events.

People have asked me, “Where do you get your funding?” and my answer is always the same: “My Hello Kitty wallet.”

Until I started asking for donations earlier this year, the money for food, venues, etc., came out of my own bank account, my very, very sad bank account. With some events costing a couple hundred dollars to bring to fruition, See Jane Write was turning into quite an expensive hobby and causing my husband to grimace and groan whenever he balanced our checkbook.

So, folks, some changes have to be made.

Starting August 1, 2013 See Jane Write will become a membership organization. Membership is for women age 21 and up who reside in Alabama. See Jane Write membership will cost only $25 a year.

Most of our events will remain open to all — women and men, boys and girls, members and non-members. Many of our events will continue to be free, but we will start charging for panel discussions and workshops. Admission to these events will be free for members.
Other advantages to being a member include an opportunity for early registration for limited seating events (such as Bloggers Who Brunch) and access to special members-only events. Additionally, perks such as job opportunity announcements, discounts to conferences, and other special offers frequently extended to See Jane Write will only be available to members starting in August.
You’ll have an opportunity to apply for See Jane Write membership at Sketches & Scribes, set for August 3. You can RSVP and get more details here.Other opportunities to apply for membership will be announced in August.

Let’s make this official, ladies!