Month: June 2012

Let’s Eat at #AlaBlogMeet

Alabama Bloggers

Birmingham resident Rachel Callahan had made connections with writers all over the world, thanks to her popular blog Grasping for Objectivity. But she knew very few bloggers in her hometown. She searched for a website that helped local bloggers connect, but with no luck. 

“So I decided to create one,” Callahan says. 

Callahan launched Alabama Bloggers in May of 2009 and eventually took these online connections to real life with regular meetings now known as #AlaBlogMeet. The next meeting is at 11:30 a.m. Friday at The Silvertron Cafe, 3813 Clairmont Avenue in Birmingham. I’ll be there and I hope those of you in town will join me. 

“When I started the site, I said that I would provide meet-ups, but I didn’t really mean it,” Callahan confesses. “I was scared to death to meet people in real life! But one of the original members called me on it and offered to host the first one. We had 19 people show up, and I enjoyed every minute of it.”

Since then the group has had a meetup at least every other month. 

What can you expect if you’re a first-timer? 

“Lots of laughter, banter, and some really good blogging advice mixed into the cracks,” Callahan says. “You’re sure to walk away with some new friends. And we always have at least one first-timer at every meetup, so don’t be afraid!  You’re always welcome.”

Click here to RSVP if you plan to attend the Alabama Bloggers June #AlaBlogMeet. 

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See Jane Write founder featured on Magic City Made

In March of 2011 I decided to start a networking group for women writers in Birmingham, Ala. At the time I only knew two women who were interested in such a group, but I felt in my heart that there were many more out there craving a creative writing community. So I gave my idea a name — See Jane Write — and browsed blogs, magazines, newspapers, and websites looking for women to stalk, er, contact about being a part of this new group.

Today the See Jane Write mailing list boasts about 200 names and has a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter as well. Through the organization I’ve hosted six events — three social events and three educational events on the following topics: how and why writers should use Twitter, the keys to successful blogging, and freelance writing.

This week I was honored to be featured on the website Magic City Made to talk about my work with See Jane Write.

In the interview I share the story behind the name tag you see in the picture above and my love for Birmingham. Click here to check out the article.

Let’s Help Our Fellow Writers

I’m sure for many of you your hearts are heavy this week as you learned about the hundreds of Alabama journalists who recently lost their jobs due to cuts made by Advance Publications. 

Birmingham-based advertising agency Luckie & Co. has launched a project called #ALNewsJobs, a grassroots effort to find and share good job openings for all those affected by this week’s layoffs. You can follow the group @ALNewsJobs on Twitter and by liking ALNewsJobs on Facebook. You can read this post to learn more about why they started the group. 

I would like to make a plea that you share information that you have about any job openings that could be a good fit for these talented journalists who are now available for hire. Please send that information to #ALNewsJobs and please also share he information with me (via email or by leaving a comment on this post) so I can announce these opportunities to the members of See Jane Write who may be in search of their next step. 

Please keep our fellow scribes in your thoughts.